The eighth round of the Vienna negotiations.. Will it bypass the obstacle of Tehran’s “guarantees” and Washington’s “conditions”?

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Dr. Hassan Ahmadian, professor of Middle Eastern studies at Tehran University, confirmed that Iran will not be stung twice from the same hole, and that it requires the US administration to provide it with guarantees to prevent Washington from withdrawing again from any agreement.

Ahmadian said that the obstacles facing the eighth round of negotiations aimed at reviving the Iranian nuclear agreement are the issue of guarantees, as Tehran demands American guarantees so that what happened with the 2015 agreement that was canceled by former US President Donald Trump does not happen again, while the American side wants to reach an agreement. to an agreement on its terms.

While stressing that guarantees are necessary so that Iran does not stray from the hole twice, the professor of Middle Eastern studies at the University of Tehran – in his interview with the 01/05/2022 episode of the “Beyond the News” program, suggested that the American side would not be able to provide such guarantees.

Regarding the Israeli role in the Vienna negotiations in light of the phone call between Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and his British counterpart Boris Johnson, Ahmadian said that Israel is outside the scope of the negotiations and has no strategy other than working to weaken Iran and stop its nuclear program, stressing also that Washington can set a ceiling for Israeli steps.

In a telephone conversation with his British counterpart, Bennett discussed the Vienna negotiations related to the Iranian nuclear file, and the statement of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said that Bennett reiterated the Israeli position rejecting the conclusion of a new agreement that does not guarantee a complete freeze of the nuclear project, and prevents Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Bennett and his foreign minister, as well as the head of military intelligence, had confirmed that Israel was not opposed to reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran if it was good.

Regarding the American position, Brett Bruen – the former director of cooperation and international engagement to resolve crises in the White House under Barack Obama – saw that the Biden administration must obtain more concessions from the Iranian side before providing the guarantees demanded by Tehran, and that a return to the original agreement concluded The year 2015 is “very difficult and has become impossible”, unless the Iranian side makes additional concessions.

While warning that time is passing and that one year for the Democrats to control Congress, Bruin said that Iran is the one that needs to agree with the Americans to ease the economic sanctions imposed on it and to avoid Israeli threats, in addition to that it is the only way for Tehran to obtain stability, according to the American guest.

On the other hand, the American guest denied the existence of a common vision between Washington and Tel Aviv regarding what is happening in Vienna, and talked about common concerns, coordination and communication.

The negotiating process does not tolerate other parties

In the opinion of Muhammad Al-Sharqawi, professor of international conflicts at George Mason University; The White House clings to the diplomatic spirit, and there is a will in the White House to return to the 2015 agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, which is inconsistent with what the Israelis want to blow up any agreement with Iran or cancel its nuclear program.

Al-Sharqawi also indicated that the US State Department is convinced that any agreement that can be reached with Iran no longer serves US strategic interests.

In response to a question about the refusal of the Russian delegate to the Vienna negotiations, Mikhail Ulyanov, to expand the scope of the talks to include new participants, the professor of international conflicts stressed that the negotiating process does not bear the addition of other parties and is threatened with stumbling and disruption.

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