The Houthis accuse the coalition of seizing a ship loaded with fuel, and there is no Saudi confirmation

Al-Masirah TV channel, affiliated with the Houthis, said today, Wednesday, that the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen had seized a fuel ship that was on its way to the port of Hodeidah and took it to a Saudi port, while there has been no confirmation from the coalition so far.

According to the channel, the coalition seized the ship despite its inspection and obtaining UN permits, noting that it was carrying more than 24,000 tons of diesel fuel and was forcibly taken off Jizan (southwest of Saudi Arabia). Without more details.

The Houthi accusation comes a few days after the group announced that it had seized an Emirati-flagged ship loaded with weapons and military equipment, while the coalition accused it of pirating a cargo ship carrying medical equipment, amid Arab calls for its release.

The coalition is imposing a blockade on Yemeni ports controlled by the Houthis, including the port of Hodeidah on the Red Sea.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the coalition warned the Houthis to target Yemeni sites under the group’s control if the detained Emirati ship “Rawabi” was not released.

For nearly 7 years, Yemen has been witnessing a continuous war between pro-government forces and the Houthis, who have controlled governorates including the capital, Sanaa, since September 2014.

The conflict is further complicated by the fact that it has regional extensions. Since March 2015, the Saudi-led coalition has been carrying out military operations in Yemen in support of the pro-government forces, in the face of the Iranian-backed Houthis.

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