Turkish Finance Minister: Foreign parties are behind the high exchange rate of the lira

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Turkish Finance and Treasury Minister Nureddin Nebti said that unnamed foreign parties launched a campaign against Turkey, which contributed to the accidental rise in the exchange rate.

In his speech to an episode of the “Without Borders” program, he added that the measures taken by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed that the decline of the lira was an emergency, stressing that Turkey would increase the volume of its exports and reduce the trade deficit.

The Turkish minister accused some foreign parties of misleading citizens and investors through what he described as spreading rumors and lies against the Turkish economy, stressing that his country has made leaps in growth levels and the volume of exports, denying the existence of any problem related to foreign exchange reserves.

He stressed that the president seeks to eliminate banking interests as usury and a major cause of the trade deficit and high inflation, stressing that the Turkish Central Bank is independent and takes its decisions without interference from the president, and its policies are in line with the elected government, and decisions are taken according to the needs of the market and the interests of the people.

He added that the government is working with Parliament to enact many laws that contribute to increasing Turkish citizens’ deposit of lira in banks and removing money from “under the pillows” to put it in bank accounts, and the government is also working to develop a system for depositing gold and jewelry in banks, and these steps will contribute to stopping The financial attack on the Turkish lira.

The Turkish Finance Minister stressed that the measures taken by the government gained confidence among the Turkish citizen, which prompted him to deposit and deal immediately with its decisions, in addition to working to improve the value of the lira to gain greater confidence among Turkish depositors, warning against political use by opposition parties of the Turkish lira or incitement not to Transferring foreign currencies to local.

On the decline in foreign cash reserves in Turkey, he stressed the strength of the Turkish economy, explaining that the central bank’s foreign exchange reserves were 128 billion dollars and now 110 billion dollars, and there is no problem with that because the economy is able to continue and no external party can dictate Turkey has no policies, because the Turkish economy is independent and capable of facing problems.

Noureddin Nebani mocked the voices calling for Turkey to abandon its independent economic policy and return to dependency, stressing that the policies pursued by his country led to a decrease in the trade balance deficit until it reached 2%, and “this percentage will decrease by the end of this year, and the government is working to zero the trade deficit.” “.

The Turkish Finance Minister concluded his speech by saying that the problem facing Turkey at the present time is in energy supplies, but it is close to getting rid of this problem by using its gas, which it will produce from the Black Sea by 2023, and Turkey is working on a new economic model that will achieve its goals quickly.

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