“War separated them, and sport brought them together”… Beautiful moments for Yemeni fans to welcome their national team

The masses in the Yemeni governorates welcomed their country’s national team with wide celebrations after being crowned champion of the 2021 Asian Youth Cup, celebrating it in different regions under the control of conflicting parties.

In these celebrations, Yemenis expressed their joy at this coronation in light of the difficult conditions that the country has been experiencing for more than 7 years.

The southern and northern governorates, starting with Aden, Taiz, and Dhamar, and ending with Sana’a, witnessed the masses of the masses with an official presence. Two days ago, Taiz Governorate, in central Yemen, celebrated the arrival of the junior national team and its technical team, and fans chanted slogans expressing the joy and unity of the Yemeni people, who were divided by politics and sports.

The city of Dhamar also lived the same joy, and the coach expressed his happiness with the team members’ celebration of the Yemenis, and the players promised their fans to strive to achieve other championships and continue to make them more happy.

The masses gathered in the capital, Sanaa, yesterday evening, Tuesday, in a night march by cars, to welcome the team and share the joy of winning. The Houthi Ministry of Youth and Sports organized a mass event this morning, Wednesday, in the capital, Sanaa, to receive and honor the team with a large public presence.

The pioneers of social networking sites shared videos and photos from the reception in various governorates, calling for the support of these juniors to continue to achieve more championships.

Earlier, the junior team was crowned in the West Asian Cup after beating its Saudi counterpart 4-3 on penalties, after the two teams tied 1-1 in the original time.

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