You are your own boss.. Here are hobbies that bring you wealth and keep you away from the job

Hobbies are fun activities that we do in our spare time and help us develop our skills and talents, and make friends with people who share the same interests, in addition to being a way to reduce stress and sometimes provide additional income.

Usually people start a hobby just for fun, not necessarily for profit, but it might be time to consider investing your talent as a side or full-time business. And in this the reportThe American Investedwallet website reviewed a list of talents that can generate income.


All you need is a pen, paper and creative ideas to start writing and publishing. This hobby is low cost, desirable communication skill and easy to get started, and you can practice writing independently and earn money from it. You can look for creative ideas by talking to people, walking around your area, or traveling, and then start writing when you’re most productive.

There are many ways to work in the field of writing online and make it a side business, and the easiest way is to have a professional blog to introduce your business. With it, you can also start your career by contacting our editors directly online.


If you enjoy photography, you may be able to turn this fun hobby into a profitable activity. Although it is not a low-cost hobby, you can use your smartphone first and learn some techniques. Make sure you enjoy your photography before investing in it, and don’t buy all the equipment at once.

You can sell or license your photos online or to companies that specialize in your area of ​​expertise. You can take pictures at weddings or events, or even teach photography skills, or create a photography blog, or a YouTube channel.


If you are a fan of aviation and aspire to be an aerial photographer, flying drones can be an exhilarating and money-generating hobby at the same time, by creating graphic content to sell to businesses in real estate, television and media.

Self-employed drone pilots can conduct aerial inspections of utility companies, aerial surveys of property developers, or social events such as weddings, travel, and hotels whose grounds you want to photograph.

Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening has many benefits. In addition to encouraging you to work outdoors, it is a form of moderate exercise that is suitable for your mind and body, and can relieve stress and other health problems, while enjoying fresh air and sunlight.

In the event that you grow fruits and vegetables, you save money that you would normally spend on purchasing these products at the grocery store. The hobby of gardening helps to make money in various ways, such as selling plants, seeds, fresh and dried herbs, fruits and vegetables, you can also sell shrubs, teach others to garden, or create a blog or YouTube channel for gardening.


Listening to music calms the body and soul and relieves stress, along with many other health benefits. Whether you play an instrument, compose music, or create your own rhythms, any musical activity you do is relaxing. You can make money by composing song lyrics or selling music online or via a blog, and you can also teach someone to play the piano, guitar or any musical instrument, or give online lessons.

stand up comedy

Stand-up comedy is not different from juggling games, as both require the same scripting, theatrical presentation, communication skills and recitation to sound natural during the performance. You can start with short shows at comedy clubs and smaller venues until you hone this talent.


Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing, and a desirable pastime that encourages you to meditate, relax, and calm yourself. All you need to start your hobby of calligraphy is ink and a brush or a flexible metal pen. You can also enroll in adult education workshops to master the art of calligraphy and calligraphy organizations that provide educational resources.

Calligraphy is a useful hobby because it develops motor skills and strengthens memory. Calligraphers can invest their skills in many ways, such as selling handmade cards, teaching their skills, hosting workshops, or making banners or wedding invitations.

Carpentry and furniture renovation

Carpentry is an excellent hobby that develops your skills in making things out of wood, and can include carving, carpentry, and cabinet making. Carpentry isn’t an expensive hobby, but you’ll likely need a set of tools such as saws, drills, and sandpaper.

Depending on your hobby and skills, you can make furniture and make money for your business, you can also refurbish furniture or sell antiques to collectors.

Playing video games

You can get paid to play video games. In 2021, nearly 156 million Americans played video games on mobile. Many apps pay for it, and you can get cash rewards or loyalty points.

Hair and make-up expert

Many artists follow Instagram and other websites to learn different techniques and buy affordable cosmetics and hair care. Income from this hobby can be achieved easily, as this hobby can become a profitable profession by working with wealthy people, artists or famous personalities, and the demand has increased for hair and beauticians who can travel to clients’ homes for special events and parties, including parties wedding.


If you have the flair and enjoy cooking, you can turn your hobby into a full-time or side business. Personal chefs are assigned for various purposes such as feeding, for the elderly or sick, for parties or to provide home food for busy people.

Baking and pastry making

Many people like to bake at home for fun, and share what they make with others in their spare time. They may make bread, biscuits, cake, or pancakes. You can turn this activity into a successful business through social media platforms. Other hobbyists sell their home-baked goods for school fairs, friends, neighbors, and office parties.

Create a YouTube channel

This is a fun and satisfying way to increase the number of followers and generate additional income. Photography equipment can be expensive at first. With that, you can start gradually to make sure that’s what you really want to do. It may take some time to gain followers, by marketing the channel and getting enough views. And when you reach a thousand views, you can make about $100 a month in ad revenue.


It takes longer to make money from a blog compared to many other areas suggested in this article. There are some initial costs such as creating and designing your website. Think of blogging as a long-term project to make a living on a flexible schedule.

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