Age is not an obstacle.. Here are success stories that started after fifty

Many factors, including the development of medicine and advances in technology, have contributed to longer life expectancy, and this may have led many people to start a new hobby or profession after fifty.

In a report published by the “Good House” website, Natalia Ozugina reviewed (good houseThe Russian, the stories of a number of people for whom getting old was not an obstacle to changing their lives and achieving their dreams.

Nina Mironova succeeded in changing the course of her life after taking yoga lessons (websites)

Nina Mironova

Mrs. Nina Mironova has succeeded in changing the course of her life after taking yoga lessons. At the age of 57, Mironova decided to enroll in a 10-day training course that teaches the oldest form of yoga, Raja Yoga.

During the course, participants are isolated from the outside world for 10 days, with a mandatory vegetarian diet, waking up at 4 am, going to bed at 9 pm, and limiting daily activities to meditation.

While some found it difficult to tolerate such strict restrictions, Mironova took it easy. Desiring to give yoga classes, Mironova visited India 3 times and attended seminars on Hatha Yoga, the basis of many modern methods of yoga, in the Indian state of Goa.

At the time, she was 60 years old, and now Mironova is 72 years old, and she visits India annually with the aim of developing her skills.

Ruth Flowers

After her husband’s death, a quantum leap occurred in the life of Ruth Flowers, a music teacher who led an ordinary life with her children and grandchildren. After her husband’s departure, Flowers decided to leave Portugal and move to England and work there as a music teacher.

Several changes have occurred in her life after she was prevented from entering a nightclub that her grandson invited her to, arguing that the venue was not suitable for elderly people.

In response, Ruth decides to become a DJ, to prove to the world and herself that old people can do everything. Roth’s performance attracted the attention of French producer Ariel Simon, who featured the elderly DJ’s performance on a party program at the Cannes Film Festival.

Since then, Ruth has become a global star known as “Mummy Rock”. Her success in mixing modern songs and classic songs contributed to her growing popularity and her work in the largest nightclubs in the world.

Momofuku AndoMomofuku Ando Inventor Indomie, Instant Noodles (Websites)

Momofuku Ando

Indomie, an instant noodles, is credited to the Japanese Ando Momofuku. After the death of his parents, Momofuku lived with his grandparents who owned a small textile shop. Because of the Second World War, the field of business deteriorated, which led to the bankruptcy of the family business.

After that, Ando decided to work in the salt business, but the failure continued to haunt him, debts piled up and he was imprisoned for failing to pay taxes. As he tried to move on with his life, his memory brought him back to the queues of people queuing in front of a tent to cook traditional Japanese noodles.

Based on this idea, Momofuku decided to create instant noodles. He set up a kitchen lab in his backyard, and after many experiments he invented this product. Momofuku Ando passed away in 2007 at the age of 96.

Sylvia Weinstock

After turning 52, American Sylvia Weinstock decided to radically change her life by giving up her job as a kindergarten teacher, and immersing herself in the world of cake making.

And Sylvia’s cakes aren’t just candy, they’re a work of art that tells a story. Sylvia has made cakes in the form of shoes, jackets, photographic films, or even an island of bamboo and palm trees. Sometimes it takes a whole week to prepare one cake. Her famous clients include: Mariah Carey, actor Michael Douglas, former President Donald Trump, as well as the Clinton and Kennedy families, among others.

Taikichiro MoriTaikichiro Mori, “Tokyo Changer” (Websites)

Taikishiro Mori

Initially, Taikishiro Mori worked as a university professor. After graduating from Tokyo College of Commerce, Mori held a professorship at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, later becoming Dean of the College of Commerce. In 1959, at the age of 55, Taikishiro left the teaching profession and founded the construction company Mori Building.

Thanks to the legacy left by his father, Mori bought several land in Tokyo. It was on these lands that Morey Architects created a new concept of urban development, which he called “Hugh”, which means “a city within a city”.

In place of the old houses, new cities, urban infrastructure, metro stations, parks, museums, shops, restaurants and hotels were built. The Japanese press dubbed Taikishiro Mori the “changer of the look of Tokyo.” This comprehensive development led to an increase in real estate prices and the transformation of Tokyo into the most expensive city in the world.

Joan PriceJoan Price wrote her first book in 2006 at the age of 61 (websites)

Joanne Price

Author Joanne Price has published articles and books on healthy living, and her first book was on sexuality in 2006, at the age of 61. The book was very popular, and the demand for it increased after society ignored the issue of the sexual life of the elderly, which prompted many of them to deal with problems in their own way.

Price decided to continue writing on the subject, and in 2011 she published a book called “The Shame of Our Age Talking Out Loud About Sex in Old Age.” In 2012, one of her works won first prize in the United States.

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