An American young man documents his daily suffering due to his height

The American young man, Bo Brown, suffers from several problems in his daily activities, due to his height, which reaches more than 7 feet.

Brown documented these problems through videos through his account on Tik Tok, where he is followed by more than 1.6 million users, and he achieved millions of views in a short period of time.


This happens more than 20 times a day. #fyp #tall #reaction

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Several videos showed Brown suffering while going down to hotels because of the short ceiling heights, along with the length of the beds that were not suitable for him, while his height was an advantage in obtaining products from the upper shelves in stores.


I didn’t fit on my plane so they gave me first class. It was probably because of my @cuts hoodie and joggers. They said dang this dude got CLASS. First class was still tight. #fyp #travel #tall

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In a funny shot, Brown documented the purchase of a very tall Christmas tree, but he could easily carry it due to his height, as passers-by began to see him as having supernatural abilities.


This tree was way too heavy. You should have seen people’s faces when I walked by 😂😂my @cuts hoodie made me have super strength for sure #GiveWithAllYourHeart #christmas #fyp #tall #cutsteam

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The most notable scene for Brown, was when the cabin crew had to change its place in the economy class area to the business area, so that the seat would match his length. Although the journey from North Carolina to Georgia does not exceed 40 minutes, it was very comfortable, when compared to its economy seat counterpart, Brown said.


Hotels aren’t made for giants #ShareTheMagic #fyp #tall

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He added, in statements carried by the network, “Fox News“He does not mind being tall, his entire family is tall, they give him a lot of support, however, he still faces some difficulties.

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