BMW iX Flow changes its body color at the push of a button

Traditionally, not only manufacturers of entertainment electronics and mobile devices are represented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but also the major car manufacturers. In addition to concept studies and prototypes, general innovations are also presented. Mercedes, for example, presented the Vision EQXX, an electric car that is expected to have a range of 1000 kilometers with a battery under 100 kWh. Competitor BMW is waiting with the BMW iX, which can change the color of its body at the push of a button by the driver. This is achieved through the use of an e-ink film.

The exterior of the car changes at the push of a button

In addition to the performance Stromer iX M60, Mercedes also presented other new functions and developments at CES 2022. This included the idea of ​​turning the fund into a “cinema on wheels”. A couple of the new features that BMW introduced are slated to be available later this year.

The situation is different with the main feature of the BMW iX Flow. As part of the project, the German car manufacturer showed an exterior that was covered with an e-ink film so that the car can change its color at the driver’s request. In addition to the plain colors black and white, an iridescent look with color gradients or patterns is also possible. The company has initially decided on this solution with black, white and gray tones, but other colors are also possible.

Enormous potential for individual adjustments

Thanks to the electrophoretic technology, different color pigments can be applied to the surface of the film so that the body takes on the desired color. According to BMW, the iX Flow is currently an “advanced research and design project”. However, it should not be long before the first model with the technology comes onto the market. The e-ink film used by BMW offers “unprecedented potential for customization in the area of ​​exterior design,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design.


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New modes for “My Modes” later this year

Customers will have to wait a little longer for the exterior to be customized at the push of a button. In current vehicles such as the iX, BMW already offers a number of customization options via BMW OS 8, such as the “My Modes” feature, with which vehicle properties and the interior ambience can be coordinated. In the course of the year, the “Expressive” and “Relax” modes are to be added, each offering individual driving experiences. “Expressive” focuses on an emotionally strong atmosphere in the interior, while “Relax” focuses on “wellbeing, harmony and relaxation”. The new options are to be made available in the BMW i4 and in the BMW iX in the course of the year via an over-the-air update.

Home theater in the back seat

Image: BMW

BMW also showed at CES 2022 what mobile entertainment in the rear of a luxury car could look like. With “My Mode Theater”, a 31-inch ultra-wide display can be lowered from the roof lining in the rear row of seats, transforming the rear of the vehicle into a mobile home cinema. The mode is completed by adjusting the lighting and automatic blackout blinds. BMW envisions the in-car entertainment of the future as a combination of 5G connectivity, 8k resolution, individual streaming programs and surround sound. The whole thing doesn’t seem to be a dream of the future either. According to the company, BMW is already working with Amazon to integrate Fire TV features into the “Theater Screen System”.

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