Including eggs and watercress.. 8 foods to build muscle

In winter one faces challenges to maintain and develop muscle mass, and also to keep the body warm. What is the way to do that? What are the foods that help build muscle and warm the body? The answers are in this comprehensive report.

At the outset, we emphasize that the information and advice we will provide are general and for guidance only. Do not exercise in cold weather or change your diet without consulting a doctor.

8 foods that are perfect for building muscle

Gyms and rigorous exercises alone are not enough to get tight muscles and enjoy high physical health and fitness. A healthy protein-rich diet should be followed along with exercise.

Nutrition expert and fitness trainer, Frank Scheiter, indicated – in an interview with the German website “Heal Praxis Net”, which was reported by Deutsche WelleTo the foods necessary to build muscle, including:

1- eggs

Rich in protein, but you should pay attention that it is rich in cholesterol in the blood, so doctors advise not to eat more than two eggs per day.

2- watercress

It protects cells from damage, and contains a lot of iron, it can be served with labneh or cheese to form a complete healthy dish.

3- fish

Especially tuna and salmon, where fish contain a large amount of proteins, as well as antioxidants that protect cells.

4- Turkey

It contains a small percentage of fat while it contains a high percentage of proteins, in addition to its wonderful taste, especially with a few additives such as oil, herbs and garlic.

5- Cheese

It is said to be a friendly fat, as it contains a low amount of calories and a large amount of protein.

6- Ginger

It is recommended to add ginger to the daily tables regularly, whether as a hot drink such as tea, or using it as a spice.

7- Soybean

An excellent vegetable source of protein, it also contains a huge amount of potassium.

8- Pistachio

Nutrition and sports experts recommend eating pistachios regularly, because they contain high levels of potassium and protein.

Of course, you should not rely on these foodstuffs only, but meals should contain various vegetables and fruits, in addition to exercising 2-3 days a week, not neglecting the rest time. The body needs sleep and rest as well to grow muscles during it.

More information about the benefits of eggs

If you want to lose weight without losing nutrients necessary for the continuation of body functions, you only need to make eggs an essential meal in your diet, especially in breakfast, according to a report in Deutsche Welle.

It is known that breakfast is one of the most important daily meals, especially to determine food choices during the day and avoid feeling hungry.

For this reason, experts advise eating eggs, especially for breakfast, because they contain a high percentage of protein and relatively few calories, and help burn fat in the body, which leads to weight loss.

And according to what was published by the American “Medical News Today” website, protein increases a person’s metabolic rate by 15% to 30%. Therefore, eating eggs and other protein-rich foods may help people burn more calories than eating carbohydrates or fats.

On the other hand, foods that are high in protein help keep you full, meaning you feel full for a longer period, which leads to a decrease in the desire to eat throughout the day, which contributes to weight loss, according to what was published by the American “Healthline” website.

In addition to protein that helps build muscle, eggs contain many vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, as well as a large amount of antioxidants that protect against many diseases. Therefore, nutrition experts advise adding eggs to your diet, as you can prepare them in different and delicious ways.

10 foods that keep you cold and keep you warm in winter

Many people turn to foods, foods and drinks that help provide warmth and energy to their bodies during the winter season.

Dietitian Dina B Deli, from Mugla Sedki Kuchman University in Mugla, western Turkey, presented across Anatolia 10 foods, foods and drinks that beat the winter cold.

The specialist began her speech by saying, “The cold winter comes this year, coinciding with the increased risks associated with the Corona virus, and the new mutant, Omicron, and with low temperatures during the winter, the human body begins to be affected by the cold weather.”

She added, “Therefore, a person needs to follow a lot of ways to warm his body, and foods that take longer to digest can raise the body’s temperature, provide it with energy and help it feel warm, in a healthy and effective way.”

The following are the foods, foods and beverages recommended by the specialist:

1- Root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, beets and carrots

The specialist advised eating foods such as sweet potatoes, which contain a high percentage of vitamins A and C and potassium, as well as eating beets, carrots, leeks, green onions, turnips, and radishes, as they contain compounds that help keep the body warm and take longer to digest.

2- Chicken soup with vegetables and onions

This soup warms the body, gives it a lot of necessary nutrients, resists the feeling of hunger, gives a feeling of satiety and gives it many of the elements it needs such as proteins and vitamins, as well as drinking enough water, which is a simple way to help the body stay warm in winter.

3- Ginger

Supports the movement of the digestive system and strengthens the immune system, generates heat in the winter and helps regulate the metabolism, and promotes blood flow to warm the fingers and toes, and ginger contains polyphenols, which make the body feel warm.

4- Iron-rich foods

Such as red meat, spinach and black beans. When ingested, the body spends additional energy in digesting food and this generates body heat and feels warm.

5- grains

In the winter, you should eat more grains such as oats and brown rice. They are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, which take time to be digested in the body. During this process, the body uses extra energy to digest the food, which in turn makes the body warmer.

6- Peanut butter

This food gives the body energy that sends warm quickly, and also provides the body with iron, vitamins and fiber, but you should not increase peanuts because it causes weight gain.

7- Spices and hot spices

Help to keep the body warm during the winter, such as pepper. As well as cinnamon, cloves and hot pepper.

8- honey

Honey gives the body energy and sugars, and it is recommended to eat it regularly during the winter or drink it with hot water, because it helps keep the body warm.

9- Banana

It contains a lot of vitamin “B” and magnesium, and helps in the proper regulation of body temperature.

10- Pumpkin

This food is characterized by rich nutritional content and naturally sweet taste with few calories, which makes it a lovely and healthy meal with distinction, helps strengthen immunity, and provides the body with high energy and warmth.

Try outdoor sports in cold weather

There are many advantages to exercising in the cold outdoors, according to what was reported Deutsche Welle For the German magazine “Freuden”, which is:

1- Burn more calories

We can burn more calories while exercising on cold days and even regulate our appetite better.

2- Increase endurance

Studies have shown that warmer temperatures can reduce endurance during exercise, while cooler temperatures can improve performance. Studies have found that temperatures between 10 and 12 degrees are best for exercise in order to increase endurance.

3- Make the brain work better

Studies show that our brains work better in cold weather, because lower body temperature makes the brain get more energy in the form of glucose, which in turn improves brain performance. Other studies have also shown that memory performance is better in cold weather.

But be careful

Despite the benefits of exercising in cold weather, it is advised to stay away from it when one is sick or has a cold. It is also advised to avoid exercising in cold weather, and it is definitely important to wear appropriate cold-resistant sports clothing, and above all consult a doctor.

Source : Al Jazeera + Deutsche Welle + Anadolu Agency

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