Japanese students start the new year with calligraphy competitions


Japanese calligraphy “Shodo” is one of the traditional arts that entered Japan from its neighbor China, but the Japanese developed it and added a lot to it.

Believing that the art of calligraphy sharpens the mind and improves concentration, the students study it from the basic stage in schools, and there are classes for calligraphy in the compulsory elementary and preparatory education stages. The matter is organized so that everyone has experienced the practice of Japanese calligraphy.

The educational institution organizes tests for individual skill in calligraphy, in an attempt to spread this type of art, and Japan annually organizes a calligraphy competition at the beginning of each year, and the Japanese consider it an opportunity to start the new year with a good step.

The Corona pandemic prevented this competition from being held last year (2021), but it resumed this annual tradition with the beginning of the new year, with the participation of thousands of schoolchildren of different ages.

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