Lopes: Use a vulgar phrase against the unvaccinated… Macron’s nine shocking statements to the French

The French magazine L’Obs said that the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, has made many controversial media statements since he came to power, from his talk about “irrational money” to his description of people as “nothing”, which shocked many French people.

And the last thing Macron said was his threat to the unvaccinated to take measures that greatly annoy them, saying with an obscene phrase: “The unvaccinated, I like to disturb them (emmerder)”, and this small phrase in his meeting with the readers of Le Parisien caused a great stir, but he emphasized in In his last interview with French Channel One and LCI, he said he wanted to play a calming role, and expressed his regret over the controversial statements he was accustomed to, especially since they had multiplied since his arrival at the Elysee.

Here are the nine statements she chose the magazine And collected it in a video, considering it the most shocking for the French.

1- “Let them come to me”

In the midst of the storm, Alexandre Benalla, the former assignment in the French presidency, on July 24, 2018, Macron tried to end the heated debate, and chose the strategy of attack, telling a meeting of his party’s deputies, “You cannot be a leader in comfortable times and evade responsibility in difficult times.” .If they want someone in charge, here it is before you, let them come to him. And this responsible person, acts by order of the sovereign French people.”

2- “I cross the street and find you a job”

On September 15, 2018, Macron met an unemployed young gardener in the Elysee park. He suggested that he look for a job in hotels, cafes, restaurants or construction companies, and added: “Work… I cross the street and find it for you.”

3- “The Gallic Man Resisting Change”

During his visit to Denmark on August 29, 2018, Macron expressed his admiration for the Danish model of “flexible security”, mocking the “Galul man who is resistant to change”, in reference to the French.

4 – “Irrational money”

In a video posted by Macron’s communications director on June 12, 2018, on Twitter, the president lamented that we were spending “irrational money at the social minimum”, because “the poor stay poor”, and “we must have something that helps people in manage their affairs.”

5 – “Breaking things up”

On October 4, 2017, during a trip to the Correze region, Macron spoke sarcastically, addressing his words to a local official, and at the same time exposing the delegation of the UGTT accompanying workers dismissed from a car supplier, saying, “For some, instead of spoiling things, They better go and look so that they can get jobs there.”

6 – “Zombies”

A few days before the start of the mobilization against the amendment of the labor law, Macron declared during a visit to Greece on September 8, 2017, saying, “I will not give in to anything, neither to the lazy, nor to the skeptics, nor to the extremists.” We have to move in Europe and France.”

7 – “A country that cannot be reformed”

“France is not a reformable country. Many have tried and they have not succeeded, because the French hate reforms,” the president said on August 24, 2017, in front of the French community in Bucharest, adding that “changing the country in its depth to find its destiny, this is the battle.” dreamed of by the French.

8 – “People are nothing”

“The station is a place where you meet successful people and people who are nothing,” Macron said on June 29, 2017, at the opening of the start-up incubator in Hal Fresny, Paris.

9 – “Kwasa Kwasa”

“Kwasa kwassa catches little, it brings Comorians, but it’s different,” the French president joked, referring to the weak Comoros boats he implicitly likens to those sometimes used by migrants, during a visit to a rescue center in Morbihan, northern France, on June 1, 2017.

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