“Muslim mountain climbers” .. an initiative to break the offensive image of Islam met with interaction on the platforms

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A group of young Muslim men and women in Britain launched the “Muslim Mountaineers” initiative, with the aim of breaking the offensive image of Islam in Britain and the world, an initiative that resonated on social media platforms.

In light of the phenomenon of hostility and distortion that affects Muslims and Arabs in general in Western countries, the initiative of young Muslim men and women in Britain came to try to correct this image, as participants work to defend Islam and Muslims by publishing videos and awareness publications.

The initiative received interaction from digital platform activists through comments and tweets, most of which praised what young Muslim men and women have done, most notably the “The Eight Newsletter Your Post” (01/06/2022).

Tweeter Molly Rose praised the “Muslim mountaineers” initiative, and wrote, “Keep up the great work.” Kevin Brendan described the youth who launched the initiative as heroes, and said in his tweet, “Well done, heroes, the heights came alive with the sound of unity.”

In the same context, Shabnam Saber wrote that it is nice to see more and more Muslims go out and enjoy beauty. He added that “hiking all over the UK is his idea of ​​total bliss, and seeing the group of young people who launched the initiative inspired him to do more.”

As for Abdelaziz Hawass, he had a different opinion, as he wrote that “Islamophobia is fought with technology and science, not by climbing mountains.”

It is noteworthy that the phenomenon of Islamophobia spread rapidly in European countries, and news of attacks against Muslims came from most European capitals, for example, in the British capital, London, in April 2017, an attack on a veiled woman who was forcibly removed from a public transport bus.

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