On the first anniversary of the storming of Congress, has the danger gone away from American democracy?

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The Democratic member of the US House of Representatives, Jake McCorvin, said that the attack on Congress early last year was not on the building, but rather an attack on American democracy, and an insult to the American people.

In his speech to an episode of “From Washington” program, he added that the danger still threatens American democracy, stressing the need to issue legislation that stops any similar events in the future, calling on Republicans to work with Democrats in order to enact these laws in shortest time.

McCorvin did not hide his concerns for American democracy after the events of Congress, stressing that if this incident is not addressed and prevented from recurring, American democracy will remain in danger.

For her part, Director of Presidential Studies at the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, Barbara Berry, said that the events of the storming of Congress are unparalleled in American history, throughout all the difficulties that afflicted the country, everyone was united in Congress, the media and others, but the events of January 6 The second 2021 divided all of the above, and herein lies its danger.

She added that such actions must be put to an end, and it is necessary to allow the Supreme Court to complete its investigations in order to issue its final ruling to inform the people of its details. Between 3 Republican and 3 Democratic judges.

Trump arrest

Barbara Berry added that the arrest of former President Donald Trump is not expected if he refuses to hand over information related to the storming of Congress, and he has refused until the moment to hand it over.

In turn, journalist Stephen Marsh said that the American people woke up after they felt that the civil war was close to them, but the danger of this war did not end, because the division is deep in the American street and has reached the point that some states reject the rule of US President Joe Biden and believe that the elections were stolen from Trump.

He added that the challenges facing American democracy are great, and it is difficult for Washington to continue exporting its democracy to the world, and it must work to fix the defect before it is too late.

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