The death of Maha Abu Auf after a hidden suffering with cancer.. The quiet departure of an aristocratic girl who mastered overcoming sorrows

The Egyptian actress, Maha Abu Auf, passed away in the early hours of Thursday morning, at the age of 65, after suffering from cancer.

Abu Auf did not disclose the details of her illness in the last period, and continued to present works of art in Egyptian drama and cinema, and did not involve herself in artistic disputes throughout her years of work in the artistic community, which made her quiet departure a great shock to her fans and her friends from the artists.

A life full of sorrows

The eyes were filled with joy, and the smile that was imprinted on Maha Abu Auf’s face was beautiful as she sat to the right of the Ma’zoun, who in turn sits to the right of the husband, the successful young man in his thirties, and the talented and famous musician Omar Khurshid, but this joy did not last long as the young husband passed away in a car accident. Mysterious a few months after the completion of the wedding. Of course, sadness resolves and naturally diminishes, so that the smile or ghost of a smile returns to the face of young Maha, who experienced ghosts as well as joys and sorrows.

Maha was born and lived in a loving family, an aristocratic mother and a father who combines the love of music and its practice, and the rigor of the military life to which he belonged due to his military studies and his professional life after that. Maha was born on November 28, 1956, about 3 weeks after the end of the tripartite aggression against Egypt, which was launched by France, Britain and Israel. National Liberation in North Cairo.

Childhood and adolescence next to ghosts

But her life with her family was not without wit and strangeness at the same time. The family of 7 lived in a villa that witnessed a murder, and within its walls the spirit of the murdered Salvatore Chicorel, which continued to wander among the rooms of the large house, manipulates with its new residents, and helps them, according to Maha recounted. The same, according to what was narrated by her older brother, Izzat Abu Auf. The family was witnessing abnormal phenomena and scenes, but they were forced to live in the house in compliance with the strict order of their military chief, and perhaps this experience formed the lightness of their shadow with which they faced life later.

Short marriage

It is known that the marriages of the artist Omar Khorshid did not last long, as the longest period of his marriage lasted only two years, with the artist Mervat Amin, but his marriage to Maha Abu Auf did not last long for another reason.

In early 1981, the famous musician and guitarist Omar Khorshid married Maha Abu Auf, the sister of his friend who is 11 years younger than him, after a long love story that lasted more than a few months of their marriage. Their persistence married Omar and Maha, achieving great joy that can be seen filling their smiles in their photos.

The marriage of Maha Abu Auf and Omar Khurshid (social networking sites)

But this joy was not complete. After a few months of marriage, Khurshid was in a car accident that is still described as “mysterious” and died at the end of May 1981, at that time Maha was carrying her fetus in the fourth month, but she had a miscarriage, to end her happiness without a trace of the smell of the late lover .

Maha Abu Auf and Omar Khorshid (social networking sites)

“4M”… Oriental songs with a western touch

After the death of her husband, Maha was absent from the 4M band, which she founded with her brothers in 1979, but she chose to sing in search of absent joy, to return to the band that excelled in presenting oriental songs with Western touches, a strange mixture not only in Arabic words With Western instruments, but in rhythm and ideas as well.

The most prominent example of these works is found in the clip “Al-Walah” (This Boy), where 4 young women graduated from the American University in Cairo, each of them wears the wrapping sheet and the colorful handkerchief characteristic of girls’ dress in the popular areas of Cairo and Alexandria, singing to an oriental melody played by keyboards and western guitars. ; In a musical project whose goal is joy and entertainment, in songs written by the poet Hassan Abu Atman, Adawiya’s partner in his project for popular singing, with the same Western instruments and a style that mimics the style of Western bands at the time.

A miracle that fulfills the dream of motherhood

“Frustration is not my personality, thank God,” Maha described herself in her meeting with the Egyptian media, Wael El-Ibrashi, when he asked her about her experience with delayed childbearing. After her first miscarriage, Maha and her second husband tried to have children, but her attempts were unsuccessful over the past 15 years. Trying and experimenting with treatments inside and outside Egypt.

The young woman was certain that God did not decree her childbearing now, so she believed in God’s will, until what the doctors described as “impossible” happened. She gave birth to her only son, Sharif, at the age of 39, after a long wait, but what happened is God’s command, “Be and it will be,” according to He described it in the same meeting.

Lightness of shadow is necessary to accept life

Throughout all those stages she went through, Maha’s wit was what helped her face ups and downs. Together with her brothers, she founded the “FourM” band, whose light dance songs filled the middle-class youth clubs in the eighties until the early nineties with her light voice and young smile. She also participated in Many films and dramas, in which she performed the roles of a kind, gentle mother with her meek smile.

She also carried a great deal of faith in the will of God that helped her tell what she witnessed and what she went through with a lot of ridicule and laughter from the situation and a lot of thanks be to God for what was happening and what was, to leave this morning Thursday after a struggle with cancer, at the age of 65, she spent almost two-thirds of the progress Art and joy to the audience, and practiced patience, hope and waiting to achieve the dream of motherhood that I believed in.

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