The protests in Kazakhstan: real demands or orchestrated chaos?

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The head of the Russian Council on International Relations Andrei Kortunov said that the main reason for the protests in Kazakhstan is the faltering of the peaceful transition of power and the failure of the existing authority to carry out real reforms.

He added – in his speech to an episode of “Beyond the News” program (6/1-2022) – that raising gas prices contributed to these protests, and they are popular, not “politicized” demands, ruling out that the US states were the ones who encouraged these protests, noting The Kazakh leadership is an ally of Russia, which Moscow will not leave in the middle of the road.

He added that the forces that arrived to keep the peace will not change the balance of power in the country, but they give an impression of the cohesion of the signatories to the Collective Security Treaty, noting that the international intervention came in the form of appeals to reach a solution, and it was previously reported about the internationalization of the crisis there.

Kazakhstan is witnessing for the fifth day, bloody protests throughout the country, killing dozens, and the authorities said that the security forces are in the process of confronting what they described as extremists, whom they accused of attacking and burning government buildings and police stations.

The increase in gas prices ignited the protests in the country, and the flames rolled, turning the anger in the street into armed clashes, and the scene in Kazakhstan raised the positions of regional and international capitals.

In an attempt to establish security, peacekeeping forces arrived in the country, including troops from Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, at the request of the Kazakh president.

In turn, Donald Jensen, Director of Russia Affairs and Strategic Stability at the United States Institute of Peace, said that the protests in Kazakhstan were a surprise to everyone and were due to internal reasons, and there was no foreign hand in them, and the US embassy’s talk comes in a normal diplomatic context.

He added that the Russian intervention to restore security and stability in Kazakhstan is evidence of the strength of the alliance between the two countries, but the protests have not stopped until this moment and it is unclear until things go there, expressing his conviction that everyone will sit at the dialogue table to discuss possible solutions.

The US embassy in Kazakhstan had called on the authorities and the demonstrators to exercise restraint, and to respect and protect the constitutional institutions. It condemned the violence and destruction of property, demanded the return of the Internet, and urged all parties to reach a peaceful solution.

On the other hand; Central Asia expert, Ariston Oroglu, said the protests were not linked to the rise in gas prices, but rather that the rise was the spark that ignited the protests related to political and geopolitical events.

He added that the violence will not stop in Kazakhstan, but rather things will develop and cause a humanitarian catastrophe that may develop into a civil war, because the goals of the intervening parties in Kazakhstan are to protect the government and not to address the situation.

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