watched The full story of the Iranian drone industry that is changing the Middle East


In July 2021, in the midst of last year’s shadow war between Iran and Israel, the supertanker Mercer Street was sailing on its regular voyage in the Gulf of Oman, a tanker operated by an Israeli company. And unprecedented for it: an explosion targeted the cabin of the captain of the tanker, killing two of its sailors.

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The explosion was not the most exciting element in what happened, but what the US Central Command revealed in an urgent investigation days after the incident that the attack was carried out by a suicide drone, which flew over the Gulf to the tanker and exploded in it using the Japanese kamikaze style, and accused the leadership, also Tel Aviv; The Iranian regime and the Revolutionary Guards in particular were behind that attack, and behind the development of this type of unmanned aircraft: Drones that fly to the target and explode in it, causing the most damage compared to the capabilities of simple aircraft.

A few days later, in another response, Israel revealed one of the mysterious Iranian figures, Brigadier General “Saeed Aghajani” in charge of the Drone Force in the Revolutionary Guards, saying that he was behind the attack, and put it on its lists of highly sensitive targets. Just as famous as the nuclear program or missile program, the Iranian Drone Program.

in a SquareWe traced the story to its roots dating back to the era of the Shah, “Mohammed Reza Pahlavi”, and to the beginnings of the Iranian Drones program in the seventies of the last century. Square In the video above, detailed information about its history, its development, the most important types of the Iranian fleet’s highly diverse aircraft, and information about its armament and capabilities. We also highlighted the most important actors and engines of the program, in addition to its weaknesses. We tried to explain the importance of that program to Tehran in a concise manner and without prejudice, and what it has invested In it, and other details of the exciting story of the new Iranian weapon.

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