Britain.. A young Muslim uses huge billboards to search for a wife

British young man Muhammad Malik (of Punjab) resorted to an innovative way to search for his life partner, when he decided to use huge billboards in Birmingham, Britain.

Violet paintings appear in the streets, with Malik clearly placing his picture on them, along with the phrase “Save me from an arranged marriage (parented marriage)”.

Malik, 29, who works in the field of entrepreneurship, said in a tweet to him, “If you think you are the right person for me, go to my website link in my resume.”

The young Muslim launched a website called “Jedd the wife of Malik” (find malik a wife) in order to help him find his future wife.

“My ideal partner would be a Muslim woman in her twenties, striving to improve her religion,” Malik says on the site. “I’m open to any race, but I have a bustling Punjabi family, so she has to keep her faith.”

“Personality and faith always take precedence over anything else. I am an only son, and I take care of my mother and father. If she wants to prevent that, I don’t think she will succeed.”

He explained that he is not against arranged marriage, but rather believes that it has a place and traditions in many Islamic cultures, and studies have proven several advantages for it, but he just wants to find his partner by himself first.

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