Netflix wins for fantasy in 2022.. 5 series we advise you to watch

Science fiction and fantasy dominate drama.. 5 series that we recommend you watch this year.

With Corona continuing in the atmosphere and the spread of the new mutated virus, many have become more inclined to isolate and limit mixing, in order to avoid any possibility of contracting a ruthless epidemic, which has resulted in television drama becoming an ideal haven for those who want to spend a fun and safe time in their homes.

With all the enthusiasm that drama lovers may have to re-follow the events of the new seasons of their favorite series and find out what happened to the heroes, there is nothing that compares to immersion in a completely new series that they drown between its episodes from the beginning.

And because the platform owners know this well, they are all competing to provide unique and attractive content. Here are the most awaited new series in 2022.

Horror and fantasy dominate Netflix

Between action, horror and fantasy come the majority of originals that Netflix intends to release this year; And the most awaited is the series “The Sandman”, which is adapted from a comic book series of the same name, which issued 75 issues, written by Neil Gaiman, who was known for his ability to create in the field of comic books, so that some of his works have already turned into films and series, the most famous of which is the movie Animation Coraline.

“Sand Man” is a fantasy series of an epic nature. It is a series project that combines legend and history, and deals with a new treatment of the original story that tells about the master of dreams, who was always able to leave his mark on human destinies, before he was arrested at the beginning of the last century and remains imprisoned for 105 years. .

As soon as he manages to escape and becomes free again until he tries to return to his own kingdom, you see how he will achieve this, and most importantly what difference the technology of the age may make in the fate of events.

If you are a follower of the Polish fantasy series “The Witcher”, which released two seasons and achieved huge success, then you must want to watch the new and short Netflix series “The Witcher: Blood Origin”.

It is mentioned that it is a “Prequel” for the original work, that is, it takes place in an era prior to the main plot, specifically 1200 years ago, so that the audience will witness where it all began, and how men have transformed, acquiring their extraordinary powers and extraordinary abilities.

The last nomination we recommend you watch on Netflix this year is the new German series “1899”, during which the makers of the science fiction series “Dark” are back for a dramatic collaboration with the platform.

The work combines excitement, suspense and a lot of horror, and its story revolves at sea on a ship that includes European immigrants who decided to pursue their dream and make their way to America, for a better and more stable future. But everything changes for the worse when they meet another ship during their journey, which turns their journey into hell.

Has the drama of separation become the trump card?

The drama of divorce and the difficult psychological war that the couple is fighting after the separation is one of the themes that have received demand from producers and viewers alike in recent years.

Fleishman Is in Trouble, based on the New York Times bestseller novel of the same name, is a masterpiece based on the same theme.

The story of the series revolves around a doctor in his forties who is going through a difficult divorce experience after a marriage that lasted 14 years, and then one evening he is surprised by his wife who has left him their two children and completely disappeared, as she refrains from answering his calls or texts without any indication from her whether she intends to return or not, Which causes him to collapse.

Over the course of the events, let us follow the transformations taking place in his life and the consequences of bearing the responsibility of two children completely, while he tries to deal with the mid-life crisis that befell him, relying on modern dating applications to which he does not belong, and in conjunction with all this we learn about what led to the couple – basically – to the separation .

Most awaited by “Game of Thrones” fans

Capitalizing on the sheer success of the epic series Game of Thrones makes perfect sense, but rather than investing in a character’s story and moving it forward, they decided to go back in time. Through the series “House of the Dragon”.

It is a 10-episode “Pricol” that goes back 200 years before the events of “Game of Thrones” to show how things complicated and led to the outbreak of the civil war – known as the “Dance of Dragons” – amid the attempts of King Viserys Targaryen to take over the march and the heavy legacy with kindness and respect for all those around him, However, good men do not necessarily make great kings, especially when they have agendas that serve their personal ends.

The series is a fantasy drama based on the novel “Fire and Blood”, by American writer George R. R. Martin, starring Emma Darcy, Matt Smith, Paddy Considine, and Olivia Cook.

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