Ronaldo angers the fans of his new club in Brazil

A group of fans of Cruzeiro, the Brazilian second division football club, protested outside the club’s headquarters against the new owner, Ronaldo Nazario, nicknamed The Phenomenon.

Cruzeiro fans were angry at the management’s decision to leave one of the players, and chanted against Ronaldo.

The protest came a day after veteran goalkeeper Fabio announced his departure from the club he joined in 2005.

Fabio said – in a letter – that the new administration did not respect his agreement with the previous administration, and wrote on his Instagram account, “I reached an agreement to renew my contract with the club, but the current administration did not give me this option.”

Fabio – who played 976 matches with Cruzeiro – indicated that he had agreed to renew his contract for one year, but the new administration offered him an extension for only 3 months.

Ronaldo, the former Brazil, Real Madrid and Cruzeiro striker, bought Cruzeiro club last month for 400 million Brazilian riyals (about $70 million), and announced that the priority was to reduce expenses to deal with the club’s debts.

Cruzeiro was relegated to the second division two years ago.

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