Saudi ambassador: Relations between Riyadh and Beirut are too deep for “irresponsible” statements

The Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, Walid Bukhari, said that relations with Lebanon are too deep to be affected by irresponsible and absurd statements, as he put it.

He called on the Lebanese government to stop activities that affect the sovereignty and security of the Kingdom and the Gulf states, in reference to the Lebanese Hezbollah.

In statements to Agence France-Presse, Bukhari said that the Kingdom hopes that Lebanon will not turn into an arena for attacking Arab countries and implementing the agendas of countries and terrorist organizations opposed to them, as he described them.

He accused the Lebanese Hezbollah of adopting a regional military behavior that threatens Arab national security, and Bukhari called on the Lebanese government to stop the hegemony of Hezbollah – which he described as terrorist – over the joints of the state, and to end possession of arms outside the framework of the state.

Bukhari’s comments came in response to a letter from Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah last Monday, in which he accused Saudi Arabia of “terrorism”, spreading jihadist ideology in the world and waging war on the “oppressed people” in Yemen.

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon deteriorated last October, so the kingdom summoned Bukhari from Beirut and asked the Lebanese ambassador to leave Riyadh, according to statements made by former Lebanese Minister of Information George Kordahi. political system” in Lebanon.

And on December 26, the military coalition in Yemen – led by Saudi Arabia – accused Iran and Hezbollah of sending experts and elements to Sanaa airport, to help the rebels launch ballistic missiles and drones towards the kingdom from the airport, one of which killed two people recently.

The coalition spokesman, Brigadier Turki al-Maliki, reviewed a video clip of what he said was “the headquarters of Iranian and Hezbollah experts at the airport,” stressing that “Hezbollah is training the Houthis to booby-traps and use drones at the airport.”

And he showed another clip of a person who al-Maliki said was a member of Hezbollah who blew up a plane at a base inside Sanaa airport.

These are accusations that the party considered “trivial and ridiculous, not worthy of comment and response.”

During the past weeks and months, Saudi Arabia and a number of Gulf countries announced several operations against drug smugglers, during which they were able to confiscate thousands of Captagon pills hidden inside fruits imported from Lebanon.

“Those who target Saudi Arabia with drugs are currently a major partner in the conspiracy to target Saudi Arabia with terrorist acts,” Bukhari said.

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