Tehran: We have the ability to close the Strait of Hormuz if necessary

The Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy, Admiral Alireza Tangsiri, said that his country is working to provide security and protect the Strait of Hormuz, and has no intention now to close it.

But the Iranian military leader stressed that Iran has the ability to close the strait if necessary, adding that his country will not prevent any party from crossing the strait as long as it benefits from it, and that with the help of the countries of the region, security and stability can be ensured.

The Iranian official explained that – those he described as enemies – are working to intimidate the countries of the region from Iran, by spreading rumors that it will close the strait.

In a related context, Tangsiri stressed that the Iranian response to any American or Israeli attack would be strong and comprehensive, and would not remain limited to the region only, he said.

Last month, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard launched its naval, land and air maneuvers in southern Iran, under the name “The 17 Greatest Messenger”.

The Guard conducted exercises to counter a supposed attack on the islands overlooking the Strait of Hormuz using heavy and medium weapons. It also tested anti-ship cruise missiles, in addition to launching surface-to-surface and land-sea ballistic missiles, and testing drones.

At the conclusion of the exercises, the commander of the ground forces of the Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Muhammad Bakpour, said that the exercises were conducted successfully according to the drawn military plans.

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