The anniversary of the storming of Congress.. an intelligence warning of threats to Biden and the former president responds to the accusations of his successor

An intelligence memorandum of the US Department of Homeland Security revealed threats to President Joe Biden and other US lawmakers and officials, at a time when the United States marked the first anniversary of the storming of hundreds of supporters of former President Donald Trump on the Capitol building, while Trump responded to accusations made by Biden against him of seeking to Obstructing the peaceful transition of power following the loss of the November 2020 presidential election.

The US Department of Homeland Security said it had recorded an increase in extremist content online in the past two days, including threats to President Biden, lawmakers and other US officials.
And the ministry’s intelligence note – extracts of which were published by US media – warns of the possibility of violence against officials, including members of Congress and political parties.

The department’s intelligence chief, John Cohen, said there were no indications of a specific plot, but the department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had detected new online content that could incite violence.

1st Anniversary

The United States commemorated the storming of Congress on January 6, 2021 by supporters of former President Donald Trump, in the context of their protests against the results of the presidential election, which showed the victory of rival candidate Joe Biden.

The protesters had crossed the security barriers to the Capitol (Congress), which was witnessing the counting and discussion of the electoral college votes in order to ratify Biden’s victory, and Trump supporters stormed the corridors of the Capitol, its halls and offices and tampered with its contents.

An armed confrontation took place between the intruders and the police, who fired tear gas canisters, and 4 of the intruders were killed, in addition to the injury of more than 140 police officers.

Biden’s speech

On Thursday, President Biden blamed the Republicans for what happened, and accused his predecessor Trump – without mentioning him by name – of trying to obstruct the democratic transition after losing the elections, noting that never before in the history of the United States had a president rejected the election results.

In a speech marking the first anniversary of the storming of Congress, the US president said, “Trump’s false allegations that the elections were stolen from him through widespread voter fraud could undermine the rule of law and future elections.”

President Biden described the storming of Congress – a symbol of democracy in the United States – as an armed rebellion, pledging to protect democracy.

The former US president responded to Biden’s accusations, saying that his speech on the occasion of the anniversary of the storming of Congress was nothing but a “political play”, to distract attention from his “failure,” and Trump said – in a statement – that Biden “used my name today in an attempt to deepen the division in the United States.” The Democrats want to take advantage of January 6th to sow fear and divide America.

Former US President Donald Trump repeated his accusations that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged”, accusing Democrats of wanting to block all discussion on the subject.

Trump: Biden’s speech on the anniversary of the storming of Congress is a political play to distract from his failure (Reuters)

Trump Network

In a related context, Trump’s media group plans to launch its own social network, “Truth Social”, on February 21, according to an announcement on the Apple Store to download applications.

The announcement added that this application will have features similar to the communication tools found on Facebook.

Trump decided to launch his own network after his accounts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube were banned in January 2020 for inciting his supporters to storm Congress.

Before his ban, the former US president had nearly 89 million followers on Twitter, 35 million on Facebook, and 24 million on Instagram.

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