Self-driving vehicle from Nuro comes with pedestrian airbag

The airbag at the front is designed to provide people with the best possible protection in the event of a collision. Source:

Nuro is a Californian company founded in 2016 by former Google employees Founded. The aim is, commercial deliveries autonomous to allow. With the idea of third generation A special feature was installed in their electric vehicle. A Airbag on the outside of the carto protect pedestrians.

75 km/h, 100 kg cargo & temperature-controlled storage space

the Airbag on the bumper should provide the best possible protection in the event of an unavoidable collision with people. Also became the Vehicle width shortened by 20%, thus pedestrians and cyclists more room have on the street next to the robot.

Owns the robot car itself no space for passengers. The interior is fully used to be loaded with various cargo. Up to 24 shopping bags with a maximum weight of 110 kilograms have space.

The charge can, in the third generation of the car, too tempered will. So can either on -5 Grad cooled down or up 46 Grad be heated up. In the case of particularly urgent freight, the self-driving vehicle can Top speed of 75 km/h reach.

The loading and unloading takes place via a Touchscreen on the outside of the car where a PIN-Code must be entered. The storage space then opens automatically.

Functional in almost any weather

depiction of the car
The built-in sensors in the self-driving vehicle should ensure optimal safety. Source:

According to Nuro, the robot car should any weather condition can drive. It is designed to work in any weather and in any region. The sensors allow not only one 360 degree view on the world, but also help the vehicle to between leaves and a small animal differentiate and even the Number of people in a dense fog to count.

the Sensors are self-cleaning, to ensure they perform at their maximum without relying on regular maintenance.

Pre-production has already started

Illustration of the car
The transport of small goods could soon look like this. Source:

Last year the company announced plans to build one Manufacturing facility in Nevada on. The company also goes one Partnership with BYD North America a to assemble hardware components for the vehicles and has with the pre-production started.

Nuro has already committed to using its platform eco-friendly materials to build and goes one step further in this aspect and wants its fleet with renewable energy operate from Texas wind farms.


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