A camouflaged operation, piracy and a wave of misinformation.. Washington reveals the scenario of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, and Moscow denies

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The American Foreign Policy magazine reported that the administration of President Joe Biden is planning a high-level confrontation with Russia in the Security Council in the event of its invasion of Ukrainian lands, while Washington talked about the details of what it considers a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The magazine quoted a senior US official as saying that Washington is informing key allies in Europe and in the Security Council about Russian military activities.

The same spokesman added that the United States is preparing to confront what it calls “a wave of Russian disinformation”, and will work to isolate Moscow in the Security Council.

On the other hand, Reuters revealed that the US State Department held talks with international energy companies about contingency plans to supply natural gas to Europe if a war broke out between Russia and Ukraine.

Reuters quoted informed sources as saying that a number of these companies told the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that there are few alternatives available in the event of an interruption in Russian supplies.

Did Putin decide to invade Ukraine?

While Western warnings escalate to Russia of the consequences of invading Ukraine; US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that the intelligence community has not yet concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine.

In an interview with CNN, Sullivan reiterated that Moscow is trying to be in a position to blame Ukraine for the escalation.

In the same context, a senior US official said that Russia would suffer serious consequences if it invaded Ukraine.

The official talked about continuing to deter and disrupt electronic hacking operations targeting American institutions and demanding ransom money.

The source indicated that the US had contacted officials in Kiev about the attacks on Ukrainian electronic portals.

A “camouflaged” operation precedes a military invasion

On Friday, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed that Russia had deployed elements trained in explosives to carry out a “camouflaged” operation to find a pretext to invade Ukraine, while the Kremlin denied the US accusations and confirmed that they were not based on evidence.

Psaki told reporters that Russia could start the operation “several weeks before a military invasion could take place between mid-January and mid-February”.

“We have information indicating that Russia has already equipped a group of elements to carry out a camouflaged operation in eastern Ukraine,” the official added.

And she added that “the elements are trained in urban warfare and in the use of explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against pro-Russian forces” in Ukraine.

At the same time, Psaki stressed, Russia has intensified its disinformation campaign on social media, including posts accusing Ukraine of violating human rights and the West stoking tensions.

“Our information also indicates that Russian influencers have already begun to fabricate Ukrainian provocations in social media and state media, to justify Russian interference and stir up divisions in Ukraine,” the US official added.

The United States has repeatedly accused Russia of fabricating conspiracy theories and spreading misinformation on social media.

On the other hand, the Kremlin rejected, on Friday, the “free” US accusations against Russia.

“So far, all these statements are free and not based on any evidence,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the official TASS news agency.

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