Cannabis as a remedy against Corona? Research results look good

For some people, cannabis is considered a kind of miracle drug. In fact, some of the non-psychoactive substances it contains have a soothing effect on various diseases. Cannabinoids have long since found their place in medicine, they are used to reduce pain and inflammation and to support tumor treatment. Corona is now also coming into focus.

Does cannabis help against Corona?

The risk of infection can be significantly reduced

Researchers at Oregon State University have looked at whether cannabis is effective in corona. They found that the cannabinoids CBGA, i.e. cannabigerolic acid, and CBDA, cannabidiolic acid, can bind the famous spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This significantly reduces the risk of infection. Because the spikes serve to dock onto the human cells and board them. However, since the cannabinoids are not compatible with the human enzyme ACE2, this cell entry is no longer possible.

Cannabis is not a corona panacea!

The researchers published their study in the Journal of Natural Products. They also mention that cannabinoids are readily available and therefore easy to use. The study leader Richard von Breemen says: “These cannabinoid acids are abundant in hemp and in many hemp extracts.” The psychoactive THC can be filtered out during use, the remaining acids CBGA and CBDA are considered safe and tolerable.

A veritable intoxication is therefore not necessary to keep Corona away as much as possible. However, the researchers do not see their discovery as a panacea: cannabinoids alone are not reliable enough and therefore cannot stop the pandemic. It is just a risk reduction, in addition to being able to reduce the symptoms of an existing infection. The preparations are taken orally.

Study refers to the variants Alpha and Beta

The study relates to the alpha and beta variants; there are still no studies on other mutations. However, the researchers believe that the cannabinoids are also likely to exert their effects in new variants.


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