Space is not exclusive to Hollywood..Netflix launches a Korean series on a trip to the moon

After the great success of South Korean businesses over the past two years, the most famous of which are the four-Oscar-winning movie “Parasite”, and the “Squid Game” series, which achieved unprecedented global views, Netflix launched its new Korean series. Full of action and mystery, “The Silent Sea” takes us on a new adventure full of surprising plots, this time in space.

A mysterious mission to save the planet

The “Sea of ​​Silence” tells a fictional story that takes place in the year 2075, when a severe drought hits the land that threatens the human race, water has become a scarce currency threatened by a shortage of 40% within 10 years, the rains stop, agricultural lands dry up and animals die.

In the midst of this disaster, the National Committee responsible for human survival in South Korea launches a new mission fraught with many dangers to the abandoned “Balhae” lunar station, which years ago were conducting research to extract drinking water, but a mysterious event led to mass deaths in station, and the search that had been relied upon to save Earth was halted.

After selecting the team consisting of astronauts, astrobiologists, engineers and pilots, the team was tasked with bringing a mysterious sample from the lunar station, and this sample is supposed to be used to save the world and alleviate drought, and indeed preparations have begun to launch the mission, which is supervised by the largest state institutions and its president.

Secrets and riddles

Despite the great preparation for the trip, the mission did not go as planned at all, and the difficulties begin before they even reach the “Balhai” station. Failure is not an option here, and they must at all costs bring the required sample to the ground.

In addition to the difficulties encountered in accessing the sample, the leading scientist of the expedition, Song Ji-an, faces other personal challenges, as she tries to find the real reason behind the death of the research team, who died completely on board the station. Of the other forces that are trying to reach and dominate it.

During the eight episodes, the team tries to answer many questions, including the cause of the accident that led to the deaths at the Moon base years ago, and why the government lied about the accident and covered it up? What sample were they assigned to collect? And what do all the closed doors in the station hide? What is the nature of the research conducted by the previous team?

The series is based on a 2014 short film, “The Sea of ​​Tranquility”, directed by Choi Hang Young.

And starring in the series, Gong Yu, the hero of the movie “Train To Busan”, and also appeared in the series “The Squid Game”, and actress Bae Donna from “Kingdom”, “Sense8” and the movie “Sense8”. Cloud Atlas, and co-starring Lee Joon and Hyo Seung Tae.

new history of korean drama

Space-based artworks are considered new to South Korea after the United States dominated the genre for decades, Gong told the newspaper. “Korea Times” (Korea Times) Local “I think this story is unprecedented in Korea.”

He added that he agreed to work in the series without thinking, and said, “This is the work that I have been waiting for for a long time, and I have always wanted to make a science fiction and thriller movie, and as soon as I read the script, I immediately wanted to participate in it.”

Bey also expressed her happiness for her participation in “Sea of ​​Sukoon”, and said, “I love participating in action filled with adventures, and I have always been curious about works that take place in outer space and wanted to expand the boundaries of my creativity as an actress.”

About a year ago, Netflix produced the Korean movie “Space Sweepers”, a science fiction movie that also takes place in space, and the network is expected to announce soon the second part of “Sea of ​​Silence” to complete the events and answer many outstanding questions.

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