Tunisian demonstrations on the 11th anniversary of the revolution

On the 11th anniversary of the Tunisian revolution, the security services that deployed in abundance to confront the opponents, who rallied to protest against the exceptional measures announced by President Kais Saied, diversified in Tunis yesterday, Friday, between the “police forces”, “intervention units”, “public security” and other security services. other.

On the other hand, the demonstrators’ chants varied between “there is no lasting… Ben Ali al-Bareh and Qais al-Yawm”, “down with the coup”, “the people want to remove the president”, “the people want to overthrow the coup” and “freedoms are freedoms.”

The security forces closed Habib Bourguiba Street in the capital, and prevented protesters from reaching it. But some protesters managed to get past the barriers, and the police confronted them with tear gas, beatings and using water cannons, injuring dozens, and the “Citizens Against the Coup” campaign in Tunisia said that the security forces carried out a campaign of arrests against demonstrators “without any respect for human rights.”

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