A year after his presidency, in which files did Biden succeed? What are his main failures?

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Former US Congressman Jim Moran confirmed that Washington’s interest in the Middle East is gradually declining, and that it has left the region to face its own issues, acknowledging that the Biden administration has achieved little in the region’s files.

The former US congressman from the Democratic Party said that the West Bank has become an apartheid state, and that the Israelis treat the Palestinians as second-class citizens, and the settlers are trying to control the Palestinian lands, and in turn accused Saudi Arabia and the UAE of abandoning the Palestinian cause.

In response to a question about the foreign policy of the Democratic administration, Moran stressed the need for this leadership to assume the responsibility of leading the world, otherwise its economy would suffer, and he also considered that Afghanistan was not the worst file in American foreign policy, as there were Vietnam and Iraq, praising Qatar’s role in helping his country during its withdrawal from Kabul.

And the US Congressman added – in his speech to an episode (01/17/2022) of the “For the Rest of the Story” program, which shed light on the performance of the Biden administration a year after taking office – that President Biden said that he has made achievements in the economic field and in combating the pandemic, which is Unlike his predecessor, he did not come to power for personal ends, but he is trying to succeed in his mission as President of the United States of America.

While talking about deep social and economic divisions in the United States, Moran questioned whether Biden could resolve the issue of these divisions, noting that the Democratic Party, which represents the elite in the coasts, west and east, has lost many of those who supported it, and there are expectations that Republicans will obtain a majority in Congress during the midterm elections.

And on the impact of divisions on the American political system, the US congressman indicated that the political system in the United States will remain divided for a period of time, because there are those who are still loyal to former President Trump, accusing “Fox News” of supporting what he called wrong ideas.

Biden changed his political direction

On the other hand, Gabriel Soma, a member of the advisory board of former President Donald Trump’s campaign and a professor at Princeton University, accused President Biden of not fulfilling his election promises, referring to his promises to unite Americans and “was nominated on the basis that he was a moderate man, but as soon as he reached the White House he changed His policy is to the far left, and he is implementing the demands of the extreme leftists in the United States.”

Soma also accused Biden of failing to fight the pandemic, although he had accused – the spokesman adds – his predecessor of failure and that 450 thousand were killed due to the epidemic, noting that deaths during the Biden era became more, and a member of the advisory board described in his speech to an episode of “the rest of the story” the economic situation. In the era of Democrats difficult.

Regarding foreign policy, Soma made it clear that Russia and Iran, for example, would not have done what they are doing now if there was a strong president in the White House.

The episode “For the rest of the story” monitored the most important internal and external issues that Biden faced in the first year of his presidency, drawing on the opinions and positions of researchers and prominent American political figures in and outside positions of responsibility, as well as international figures.

She touched on the issue of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear file, Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip, the Ukraine file and US-Russian relations, in addition to other issues.

According to John Bolton, the former US National Security Adviser, President Biden did not present anything new on the issues of the Middle East, and he did not meet the hopes of the Americans who said they elected him because he is not Donald Trump (the former US president).

It is noteworthy that the US President’s popularity is declining, and the majority of opinion polls give him a confidence margin of about 42%.

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