After their objection to the “decisions of dawn” .. Tarek Shawky re-attacks the parents in Egypt

Cairo- Apparently in response to the parents’ attack on him after changing the examination system for the first and second grades, days before the exams began, the Egyptian Minister of Education, Tarek Shawky, launched a counterattack on Egyptian families.

Shawky said that parents’ questions about educational topics “exceeded their limits,” noting that parents should provide a good environment for students so that they are prepared for the exam in any way.

The minister’s statements come in the wake of the attack on him after his sudden announcement, at dawn on Saturday, that the electronic exam was canceled and that the paper-based exam was satisfied, although he himself caused an uproar before by relying on “tablets”, and warning parents and specialists at the time that the weakness of educational facilities and infrastructure Basically in general in Egypt does not allow such a transformation.

Parents’ exaggeration

The Egyptian Minister of Education said, during a telephone interview with “Al-Nahar” channel, that the exam method and its format are two things that concern educational institutions, “we will not do (we will not conduct) a referendum because (in order) to test the children,” and that the student only has to study and solve the exam.

The minister considered that the parents’ words about the first and second grade exams are “a strange matter,” wondering about the difference between the exam being composed of electronic and paper questions, and then finally it is settled that all questions are answered on paper only.

And the Minister of Education demanded not to exaggerate dealing with the matter, noting that the matter was no more than a “term exam” that was always done in paper form, and that the student must be ready for the solution, whether on a paper or on a tablet, and the Ministry is the one who determines the form of the exam.

conflicting decisions

And the Minister of Education announced, at four o’clock in the morning on Saturday, the change of the first-semester examination system for the first and second grades of high school to a fully paper-based exam instead of electronic.

This came in contrast to what his ministry announced on December 18 last year that exams will be conducted electronically in the basic subjects for the first secondary grade from January 22 to February 2, while exams for the second grade of secondary school will be held in the period between January 23. January and February 3, while exams for the two grades of non-calculated subjects are held in total from 15 to 18 of this month.

Then the ministry returned and announced on the sixth of this month that the exam will be divided into electronic questions that will represent only 70% of the exam questions and the remaining 30% are paper questions, before the minister announced his latest amendment at dawn on Saturday, at a time that raised eyebrows.

The “Dawn Decisions” angered the parents, who launched a new wave of attacks on the Egyptian Minister of Education through social networking sites, which has been repeated with the minister repeatedly during the last period.

Source : Egyptian media + Social Media

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