Chasing records in the green hell with 1,088 hp: STI E-RA from Subaru

The appearance of the STI E-RA is a symbiosis of refined aerodynamics and futuristic design. Source:

As part of the Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru has one electric prototype presented, which should set new standards. But not in terms of range or energy recovery. It is a race car, which one special for one record drive on the infamous Nürburgring Nordschleife, also called green hell, is laid out.

Weight optimization, high downforce & lots of power

Illustration of the rear of the car
The motorsport DNA also stands out from the rear of the vehicle with the large rear spoiler. Source:

All in all four electric motors take care of each 272 PS pro Rad, what a System power of 1,088 hp is equivalent to. Because in addition to the performance itself, above all that Weight is important in motorsport, became a relative small and light 60kWh battery installed. This will make the with all wheel drive driven bolides certainly do not achieve a long range, but all the more performance.

To save additional weight and the stiffening strength to maximize was on a Composite body set. Furthermore, the aerodynamics of the car mature and intended for high downforce better cornering speeds produce. There are also recesses in the body. They serve to direct the air away from the wheel arches.

Everything designed for one goal

Subaru wants one in 2023 Record on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, which is one of the most demanding racetracks the world applies, break: That fastest electric car to put on the ring. has the current record Tesla to book. With the Model S Plaid became the 20.6 kilometers in 7:30 minutes completed. With the aspired 6:4o minutes the STI E-RA would be a lot faster than the previous record holder.

The car manufacturers have record times on the Nordschleife Tradition. So there are always models from Porsche or Mercedes-AMG especially for them Nordschleife optimized and brought in the form in (small) series. For example, the Porsche GT2 RS MR as one of the ultimateStreet racing cars“ and also has with me 6:43 minutes set a record on the Nordschleife for street-legal racing cars. So Subaru also wants to undercut this value.

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