Omicron spreads in Egypt, and a broadcaster appears on the air despite his injury

Cairo- Minister of Higher Education and Chargé d’Affairs of the Egyptian Ministry of Health Khaled Abdel Ghaffar said that his country has witnessed a remarkable rise in infection rates with the Corona virus since the beginning of the year until today, after things were stable last December.

During a press conference in the Council of Ministers, on Sunday, Abdul Ghaffar attributed this increase to the spread of Omicron, which he said has become the currently prevalent mutant in the country, while the Delta mutant comes in second place.

The minister explained that the least common symptoms are coughing, high temperature, loss of sense of smell and taste, chest pain and shortness of breath, appealing to those who feel severe respiratory symptoms to go to hospitals as soon as possible, stressing the importance of time in dealing with corona infection.

The Acting Minister of Health confirmed that the numbers of injuries announced by the ministry on a daily basis are the numbers of patients who visited hospitals only, but that there is a careful follow-up of all positive cases, whether through university hospital laboratories or private laboratories, he said.

new drugs

For his part, Ministry of Health spokesman Hossam Abdel Ghaffar announced that the two new drugs for the Corona virus, which received the approval of the American Medicines Authority for use at the beginning of infection with the virus, will arrive soon.

Abdel Ghaffar explained, in televised statements, that starting from January 21, the doses of the drug “Evusheld” will arrive, as the government contracted with doses sufficient for 50 thousand people infected with corona, and it will be given to people with chronic diseases, and it will be taken by injection. Inside the ministry hospitals and university hospitals.

The spokesman added that there is a drug that is taken orally, “Merck”, and 4 or 5 national companies have applied to produce it locally, and it will be available in hospitals within 3 weeks.

injured on air

On the other hand, the appearance on state television of Youssef Al-Husseini, who has the Omicron mutant, caused a wave of controversy and anger on social media.

Al-Husseini appeared on the “Ninth” program on Channel One to announce that he was infected with Omicron, saying, “Without concern, I often have Omicron,” adding that the crisis is not in his injury, but in that he was unable to attend the funeral of the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi (he died a few days ago as a result of the repercussions of the Corona virus).

Some of the pioneers of the communication sites saw that the appearance of this media person with the Omicron mutator is a disregard for human lives, especially since the studio includes a large number of workers, some of whom communicate with him directly, unlike his colleagues who are meters away from him.

The Ministry of Health had announced the registration of 1,197 new infections with the Corona virus and 25 deaths on Sunday, compared to 1,101 infections and 26 deaths the previous day.

The official spokesman for the ministry (Abdul Ghaffar) said in a statement, “The total number that was registered in Egypt with the new Corona virus until Sunday is 400 thousand and 76, including 333 thousand and 529 cases that have been cured, and 22 thousand and 48 deaths.”

The Minister of Higher Education is doing the work of Health Minister Hala Zayed, who has been in hiding since last October, after media outlets reported that she had suffered a sudden illness, but other media outlets talked about the possibility of her involvement in a corruption case that hit the ministry.

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