7 Just chose Salah.. this is how the votes of the leaders of the Arab teams were distributed in the FIFA awards

Not all the votes of the leaders of the Arab teams were in favor of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the top scorer of Liverpool, who was competing with the two stars Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski for the “best” award presented by FIFA, which was won by “Liva”.

It was remarkable that 7 of the leaders of the Arab national teams chose Salah, and they are:

  • Qatar national team captain Hassan Al Haydos.
  • The captain of the Syrian national team, Omar Al-Soma.
  • Jordan national team captain Moataz Yassin.
  • Palestine national team captain Abdul Latif Al-Bahdri.
  • Tunisia captain Youssef Msakni.
  • Emirates national team captain Ismail Matar
  • Yemen national team captain Ahmed Sadiq

As for the national team leaders who did not vote for Salah, they are:

  • Saudi captain Salman Al-Faraj: Vote for Belgian Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City).
  • Kuwait national team captain Bader Al-Mutawa: Voted for Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain).
  • Lebanon national team captain Hussein Maatouk: Vote for Messi.
  • Iraq national team captain Amjad Atwan: Vote for French N’Golo Kante (Chelsea).
  • Djibouti captain Youssef Patio: Vote for Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United).
  • Comoros captain Naguib Abdou: Vote for Kante.
  • Mauritania captain Abdou Ba: vote for Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich).
  • Morocco captain Roman Sais: Vote for French Karim Benzema (Real Madrid).
  • Oman national team captain Mohsen Johar: Vote for Messi.
  • Somalia captain Omar Mohamed: Vote for Messi.

As for the nominees for the award, their votes are as follows:

  • Salah: Italian Jorginho (Chelsea), Messi and Lewandowski.
  • Messi: Brazilian Neymar (Saint Germain), French Clien Mbappe (Saint Germain) and Benzema.
  • Lefandovsky: Georginho Whiskey Vernaldo.

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