A humanitarian organization warns: More than a million and a half displaced people are facing difficult conditions in Syria because of the snow

The “Response Coordinators” organization working in northwestern Syria said that the poor humanitarian conditions are facing the displaced Syrians in the camps, with the beginning of snowfall in several areas in the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo.

The organization added that the new air depression affected the camp area, which is inhabited by more than one and a half million displaced people. The organization expressed its concerns about the inability of humanitarian organizations to provide the necessary humanitarian support to the displaced, and appealed to the donors to provide urgent and immediate support to them.

It called on all humanitarian organizations and bodies to actively contribute to securing the needs of the displaced within the camps in general, and to work to provide the necessary services for the most vulnerable groups (children, women, and the elderly), and urged lifting the state of emergency for all organizations and associations operating in the area, in anticipation of any possible damage. within the camps.

It is noteworthy that northwestern Syria includes more than 1,300 camps for the displaced, who have been living in difficult humanitarian conditions for years, especially in the winter.

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