Do creative ideas come to mind while walking?

Movement helps us to think creatively, but is there a link between movement and knowledge from a scientific point of view, and what happens to the brain while walking, and then are people who rarely move less creative?

“Our research shows that movement in and of itself does not help us think more fluidly,” says neuroscientist Barbara Handel of Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany, but the freedom to make self-determined movements is responsible. What was reported by “Science Daily”.

Accordingly, even small movements while sitting can have the same positive effects on creative thinking.

However, the researcher does not derive any suggestions for concrete movements from her work. “The important thing is freedom of movement without external restrictions,” she says.

She added that it was important that the movement not be subdued and not take regular forms.

“Unfortunately, this happens when people focus, for example, on a small screen,” the researcher explains.

Thus, the increased use of mobile phones and similar devices – as well as in the field of education in the time of the Corona pandemic – could have a negative impact on cognitive processes such as creativity.

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