George Clooney.. the story of a spoiled handsome fugitive from the wealth and fame of his ancient family

14 friends invited by George Clooney to a small party at his house for his birthday, and after the party began less than an hour, the host drove his old friends to a place in his house, the place was elegant and highly organized.

George invited both of them to go to the bag with his name on it. Each bag contained a million dollars as a gift.

The story is real and George himself confirmed it, and although the names of the invitees who received the gifts were not completely announced, George himself hinted that these were his life friends who were with him through thick and thin, these were the ones who supported him psychologically when he went through moments of despair and distress in his life, and they loaned him money When he needed something to fill his breath in the beginning days.

The true story recalls the tales of the kings in the Thousand and One Nights, and the tales of medieval kings whose gifts would secure the lives of those who enjoyed him until the end of his life and, in some cases, later generations. Although Clooney is not a king, his life resembles the life of kings after the successes he achieved in the world of cinema, and perhaps he is one of the few in Hollywood who won the Oscar for Best Actor and the Oscar for Best Producer as well.

The famous Hollywood star does not chase after money, and if money is looking for it, he recently refused a generous offer to appear in a trailer that requires working for only one day, in exchange for $35 million, because it does not match his personal values.

George Clooney at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards (Reuters)

George Clooney was not born poor, and did not try to find a way to earn money to meet his basic needs. On the contrary, he was born to a media father and grandfather, a senator from Kentucky, and an aunt who is the famous actress Rosemary Clooney.

Child George is fascinated by his family, and especially by his father, but there is a moment when the young teenager questions his identity and the face of his distinction, as the father turns into a terrifying ghost for his son when the son chooses to follow in his footsteps in the same career path.

But the problem becomes worse when that career path is in the spotlight, as the comparison begins between a person who loves at the beginning of the road and another who has become an expert and made history.

For this reason, George Clooney decided to stop studying audio-visual media at the university, even though he was about to graduate, after being exhausted by the comparison between him and his media father and journalist Neil Clooney.

Batman saved Clooney from his handsomeness

George Clooney, the actor, did not occupy a special place in Hollywood until 1997. The film grossed more than $100 million, which was nominated for the fantastic movie Out of Sight with Jennifer Lopez, which revolves around the struggle between the conscience and the heart of a federal officer who falls in love with a bank robber who is assigned to arrest him.

Then the distinguished director Terrence Malick chose him in the greatest war movie in the history of cinema, “The Thin Red Line”, and the previous three films were enough to transfer him to the first row of Hollywood stars.


Clooney won for his role in “Syriana” [2005] With an Academy Award, he was one of the producers of the film that reveals oil as the most important and highest value in international relations.

Clooney played the role of an agent in the US Central Intelligence Agency, tasked with assassinating a Gulf prince because of his contracts with Chinese companies to extract oil, but he discovers the truth of the prince, who aspires to develop his country through a modern democratic system.

As for the movie “Three Kings” [1999] It takes place in the final phase of the Gulf War, where a group of American soldiers plan to steal a large amount of gold, and Clooney plays the role of Major Archie, frustrated by the war, who is nearing his retirement date.

The second Oscar that George Clooney received was the most impressive, as he was presented as the producer of the movie “Argo”, which is based on real events during the Iranian revolution in 1979, where a number of diplomats were detained at the US Embassy in Tehran, for US intelligence to build a plan to liberate For these diplomats so that it looks like filming a movie whereby agency agents enter to carry out the operation, and the film was directed and starred by Ben Affleck.

American star George Clooney has approached the spaces associated with Arab politics and events as no other has approached, not only at the level of film roles, but also on the ground. Southern Sudan region to adopt the idea of ​​shedding light on its crises, especially at the stage of the emergence of the state in the south.

The Lebanese woman who changed the life of the most famous bachelor in Hollywood

Perhaps his marriage to the Lebanese woman, Amal Alamuddin, is part of this Arab passion. He met Amal, an international lawyer active in the field of defending human rights, after a long period during which he was called the most famous bachelor in Hollywood, and then the marriage took place and Amal and Clooney gave birth to twins, Alexander and Ella.

Clooney presents his wife on all occasions with pride, as she is the successful woman who seeks to defend human rights in a number of countries in the world, and the same woman who changed all the paths of his life.

Clooney presents his Lebanese wife, Amal Alam El Din, on all occasions with pride (Reuters)

In an interview via a podcast, the 60-year-old actor remembered the decision to have children, which he had not thought of throughout his life, and said, “I did not want to marry, and I did not want to have children, then this unusual person entered my life, and I fell madly in love, and I knew from the moment I met her.” In which everything will be different.”

According to Clooney, he and Amal had been married for a year, when they decided on a picnic outside a friend’s house that they wanted to have children.

During the outing, Clooney was angry at the behavior of a noisy child in the house, and Amal said to him, “We are very lucky in life.” some other people.”

Clooney recalls that emotional moment, and says it only took a minute of silence for him to be convinced.

George Clooney did not expect to become a father of two twin children, until the doctor told him that he would have a boy, and Clooney said, “A boy, that’s great,” so the doctor continued his speech, saying, “And the second is a girl.” This was a pleasant surprise that George did not expect, but he welcomed his twin children Alexander and Ella In 2017, to appear later on several occasions, not as a handsome Hollywood star, but as a father who carries and takes care of his two children.

Among his most famous comments on his marriage to Amal, he said on a television program, “I discovered that I had intermarried with an entire nation. I was in one of the planes and I heard someone calling me Clooney.. I am Lebanese.” All Arabs considered me to be their son-in-law.

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