He exaggerates kindness and advocates for women.. What do you know about the “nice man syndrome”?

Even positive traits can sometimes be a negative indicator; Excessive kindness may be a warning sign such as some of the signals issued by men with “nice man syndrome”, because these men are more nice than normal, and they even criticize what other men do with women, but there is a hidden purpose behind this kindness.

The term “nice man syndrome” is relatively new, and it was used by some psychologists and also by some feminist websites, as they believe that some exaggerated kindness is only a hidden way for some men to enter into a relationship with women, whether they realize it and do it consciously, or they are not aware of it. On the inside, however, they are waiting for a reward from the ladies for treating them more kindly than their peers.

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These men are trying to form implicit “secret contracts” in order to love them, says psychologist Jesse Marczyk in an interview with the newspaper. The Independent (The Independent) Some overly nice men may kindly look for a substitute for their flaws or shortcomings, such as ‘social standing’ or form, or even certain qualities.

This belief means that a man suffers from a “complex” and tries to overcome this complex by appearing nice, so that some interpretations believe that men may not know their “complex”, and their subconscious pushes them to do behavior that they believe will preserve the woman in their lives.

Also, Marczyk believes that men get into the “friend zone” because they can’t attract women enough to be in the “boyfriend or husband” zone, and to avoid falling into it a second time they compensate for the lack of physical or social attraction with the attraction of kindness.

This nice guy appears to be a supporter of women and their issues, but he may not really have that sympathy (Shutterstock)

Psychologist Robert Glover, author of book No More Mr. Nice Guy, a bestseller since its 2003 publication, said that a man with this syndrome feels deserving of his kindness, waiting for a reward that the man may never ask for, but may wait for you to pay He has a lady without asking, and to leave him an opportunity to establish a love relationship or marriage.

But Glover – who studied some men who suffered from this syndrome – found that some people who struggle with their self-esteem and have a “developed complex” may not wait for women to give them a chance on their own, but rather try to exploit it in some cases.

The signs of this syndrome may be clear to warn women, such as exaggerated promotion of kindness, that the man continues to talk about being nice to women compared to other men, and this promotion may mean that kindness is not real, because whoever deals with his nature and performs good behavior with others does not promote him or waiting for a reward on him.

Also, underestimating other men may be another warning sign, because he believes that he is nicer than his peers and that he is an exception to the rule, and that others do not do as he does, which means that he does not consider kindness a basic rule of dealing, but rather does it.

What do you do if your co-worker is narcissistic?  (pixels)One of the signs of the “nice man syndrome” is the belief that he is nicer than his peers and that he is an exception to the rule (pixels)

Also, other signs may appear in the middle of the discussion, because this nice man appears to be a supporter of women and their issues, but in fact he may not have this empathy, and he appears in the folds of the discussions with disrespect or abuse, or he may commit aggressive behavior or be a narcissistic and selfish person, please About that he is waiting for him to have a chance to bond or establish a relationship.

In addition to being a person who does not accept rejection, as he may tell stories about the extent of his kindness to other women, but they have wronged him and left him. This is a bigger warning sign.

Of course, this does not mean in any way that men’s kindness can usually carry hidden or malicious purposes, but it may apply to some men who treat women excessively, whether or not they realize the “secret knot” that moves them.

As for the advice that specialists give them, it is to solve the main motive behind their behavior, and this happens by enhancing their social status, or by changing their lifestyle or appearance if the problem revolves around that.

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