Head of the Chadian Military Council: We welcome the return of all armed movements, including those in Libya

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The head of the Chadian Military Council, Mohamed Idriss Deby, affirmed that a national dialogue between all Chadian movements will start next month in the Qatari capital, Doha, and stressed that the military council has fulfilled all its pledges for the return of the civilian.

Deby said in statements to the “Special Meeting” program on 01/18/2022 that Qatar agreed to host a preliminary dialogue that brings together all the rival movements on Chad’s land and those abroad as well.

He explained that the dialogue is scheduled to start on February 15, 2022, and that it will also gather armed movements located outside the country, noting that the committee established by the Transitional Military Council and assigned to manage the national dialogue has succeeded in dialogue with many armed movements inside and outside the country.

According to Deby’s statements, some of these movements set conditions for participation in the dialogue, noting that the transitional authority agreed to these conditions, in an effort to end the state of war that lasted for many years in the country and caused grief to many Chadians.

With regard to the fate of the Chadian armed movements present in Libya, the interim military president of Chad made it clear that these movements are welcome to return to the country and participate in state building, but provided that they disarm at the borders and not enter the country.

Transitional pledges

With regard to the commitments of the Military Council, Deby stressed that the Council, which took power 9 months ago, has so far fulfilled all its pledges, as it worked to establish the institutions of the transitional state, and is now preparing to launch a comprehensive national dialogue, and then move to establish the new constitution after approval by a popular referendum. , up to the last stage, which is the holding of general elections in the country.

With regard to the situation in Sudan, Deby advised the head of the military council there, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, to open an honest and transparent national dialogue between the components of Sudanese society and to avoid the option of war.

He affirmed his conviction that the solution in Libya also must be Libyan, and that all international forces and mercenary movements leave Libya and leave the Libyans to choose their own future.

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