In response to an official invitation, a delegation from the Hamas movement arrives in Algeria to discuss the Palestinian dialogue

Yesterday, Monday, a delegation from the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) arrived in Algeria, in response to an official invitation, to discuss ways to make the Palestinian national dialogue a success.

The movement’s spokesman, Abdel Latif al-Qanou, said in a statement that, based on the Algerian invitation received by the movement, and in the context of the success of the national dialogue announced by Algerian President Abdel Majid Taboun, the Hamas delegation, represented by members of the Political Bureau Khalil al-Hayya and Hussam Badran, arrived in Algeria on Monday.

He explained that the movement’s delegation, in the presence of its representative, Mohamed Othman, in Algeria, met upon his arrival with Algerian officials, to discuss ways to achieve national unity, noting that another meeting would be held to complete the dialogues.

Al-Qanoua expressed his movement’s appreciation for Algeria’s role in supporting the Palestinian cause, hosting the Palestinian factions, and its keenness to achieve reconciliation and end the state of division.

Tebboune announced his country’s commitment to hosting a conference of the Palestinian factions (Al-Jazeera)

Official visit

Last Saturday, Hamas announced that the head of its political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, had received an official invitation to visit Algeria, to discuss ways to make the Palestinian national dialogue a success.

And last Saturday, a delegation from the Fatah movement arrived in Algeria, at the invitation of the Algerian presidency, as part of its consultations to host a conference of the Palestinian factions.

On the sixth of last December, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced, during his speech at a press conference after receiving his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas at the presidential headquarters in Algiers, his country’s intention to host an inclusive conference of the Palestinian factions.

The Algerian president did not specify a date for this meeting, saying only that it would be soon.

The Palestinian arena has been suffering from a political and geographical division, since 2007, when Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, while the Palestinian government formed by President Abbas’ Fatah movement administers the West Bank.

Years ago, many meetings and meetings were held between the Palestinian factions in order to end the division and restore national unity, without resulting in any serious practical steps to achieve this.

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