Its owners threatened to set themselves on fire.. the occupation is retracting the eviction of the Salehiya family’s property in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Israeli occupation police retracted their attempt to evict a Palestinian property from its residents in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem, after its members threatened to set themselves on fire in rejection of the decision.

The Salhiya family has been at risk of evacuating their home in favor of the occupation municipality in Jerusalem since 2017.

Mahmoud Salhia, who climbed to the roof of the house with a number of his family members, carrying gas canisters and flammable materials with them, threatened to set themselves on fire, forcing the occupation forces to retreat and leave the area, after several hours that witnessed a confrontation between the two parties and unsuccessful negotiations.

The representative of the European Union in the Palestinian territories, Sven Kon Burgsdorf, had arrived in the neighborhood on Monday, along with a delegation of European diplomats.

“Evictions in the occupied territories are a violation of international humanitarian law, and this applies to any eviction or demolition, including this operation,” Burgsurf said in a press statement.

The Salihiya family has been at risk of eviction from its home in favor of the occupation municipality in the city of Jerusalem since 2017 (Anadolu Agency)

Agence France-Presse quoted Salhia as saying that he did not reach an agreement with the occupation, pointing out that his lawyer submitted a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court to annul the eviction decision.

For its part, the occupation municipality stressed that the decision of a local court was in its favour, and that the family was given several opportunities to evict.

Dozens of Palestinians staged a sit-in in front of the Salhia family’s house, in protest against the municipality’s decision to evacuate it, in favor of establishing a school.

Hundreds of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and other Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem are facing threats to evict their homes.

It is noteworthy that 28 Palestinian refugee families settled in the year 1956 in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, after an agreement with the Jordanian Ministry of Construction and Development and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees “UNRWA,” according to which these refugee families from different regions, following the catastrophe of 1948, renounced the refugee card they had in their possession. .

However, the 1967 war prevented the completion of the process of registering land and homes in the names of families, which represented a setback for them, to start continuous suffering since 1972, as a result of repeated Israeli attempts to evict them from their homes, under the pretext of ownership of land by Jewish associations, which the Palestinians deny.

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