Libya.. Guterres calls for elections to be held as soon as possible, and Aqila Saleh suggests drafting a consensual constitution

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on Libyans to hold elections at the earliest, while The Libyan House of Representatives suspended discussion of the roadmap committee’s plan until today, Tuesday, and Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh rejected the current draft constitution.

Guterres said, in a United Nations report delivered to the Security Council, that the Libyans “must now work together to address the core issues that resulted in the delay, and create the political and security conditions necessary to hold the presidential and parliamentary elections without further delay.”

“I call on them to work together, in accordance with the laws in force and the rules and procedures in force in their institutions” in order to hold elections “in a safe and peaceful environment, with the full, equal and meaningful participation of women and youth,” the Secretary-General added.

Guterres also called – in his report – to continue implementing the ceasefire agreement, with a complete withdrawal of mercenaries, foreign fighters and foreign forces, considering that competition between armed groups continued to affect security in Tripoli and in the cities of the northwest, and that the presence of mercenaries was destabilizing the south.

Aqila Saleh chairs a previous session of Parliament (Reuters)


On the other hand, the Libyan House of Representatives suspended its session devoted to presenting and discussing the roadmap committee’s plan, until today, Tuesday.

In a session held by the House of Representatives yesterday, Monday in the city of Tobruk (eastern Libya), Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh said, “It is no longer possible to remain silent about attempts to impose the draft constitution, which is rejected by all the social components of the Libyan nation.”

Saleh suggested the formation of a committee of 30 intellectuals, thinkers and academics specialized in constitutional law, representing the three regions (Tripoli, Cyrenaica and Ghazan), supported by Arab and foreign international expertise capable of drafting a modern consensual constitution that meets the aspirations and desires of Libyans, and establishes the building of a democratic city-state.

He also called for specifying the time period required for the commission’s work within a period not exceeding one month from assuming its duties, without affecting the course of the electoral process.

In his first official session after postponing the elections, Saleh said yesterday, Monday, that the interim national unity government no longer has legitimacy, calling for the formation of a new government, as the House of Representatives voted at the end of last September to withdraw confidence from the government of Abdel Hamid Dabaiba by December 24. last december.

Saleh called on all Libyans to stand against all attempts to obstruct, and to demand the holding of elections as soon as possible, as he put it.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives also called on the UN mission to Libya to pressure all parties to go to the polls and pledge to accept the election results, explaining that the House was surprised by the Electoral Commission’s announcement that the presidential elections could not be held on time, which was scheduled for last December 24 due to “force majeure.” .

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