Sadness and mourning on Jordanian communication platforms after the martyrdom of soldiers by drug smugglers

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Wassman of the martyr Muhammad al-Khudayrat and the martyr Muhammad al-Mashaqbeh topped the communication sites in Jordan, following the killing of an officer and an agent in the Jordanian army during an armed clash with drug smugglers, last Sunday, on the border with Syria.

A state of sadness and anger prevailed on Jordanian social media platforms, and tweeters mourned Captain Muhammad al-Khudayrat and Agent Muhammad al-Mashaqbeh, and called for tightening procedures on the border with Syria.

The eighth bulletin, “Your Post”, dated 18/1/2022, monitored the interactions of Jordanian activists with this incident, which included the circulation of video clips from the funeral of Captain Muhammad al-Khudairat in his hometown of Deir al-Sa’ana in Irbid Governorate.

Writer Yasser Al-Zaatrah tweeted, “Jordan sadly bid farewell yesterday to the martyr Captain Muhammad Al-Khudayrat, who was facing an armed gang smuggling drugs from Syria, and 3 others were injured with him.”

Al-Zaatara continued, “The reports that talk about the Assadist “Captagon” Republic are countless, and we have already mentioned them here, and perhaps it is a memory of the advocates of normalization with it. May God accept Muhammad, and he wrote healing for his colleagues.”

Syrian journalist Qutaiba Yassin wrote, “For years the opposition controlled the crossings and borders with Jordan, we did not hear about the smuggling of Captagon or the killing or wounding of a single Jordanian soldier, but after the agreement of the Jordanian government with Assad and normalization with him, all of that began, only during 2021 Jordan announced the seizure of 365 operations. Drug smuggling, and certainly the income of many times that.

Ahmed Al-Omari said, “Another of the brave men of the nation, the martyr Muhammad Al-Mashaqbeh, dismounted and met the face of his Lord yesterday, affected by his injury while performing his duty, during the incident in which his comrade in arms, the martyr Muhammad Al-Khudayrat, died. Why do we honor them dead and oppress them alive?”

Ibtisam Al-Manasir wrote: “Where are (where) the border guards of the other side, to whom are we returning (to whom we continue to restore) our fraternal relationship with them?!..God suffices for me and is the best agent, but (only)”.

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