Toyota fires two employees for racially assaulting a Latino family

Toyota announced the dismissal of two of its employees in Huntington, New York. After they appeared in one of the videos that were circulated on American communication sites a few days ago, while they directed a racist insult to a Latin family.

Last Thursday, the company in Huntington posted a statement on Facebook saying, “Toyota management was outraged by the event in which two of its employees participated last Monday night on the Long Island Railroad. The employees were suspended from work when we first heard about this incident, and as it ended We just investigated, their contracts with the company have been terminated.”

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The company added, “The heart and soul of our highly diverse workforce, we value our employees beyond description, moreover, the profound support our company provides – both financial and in kind – to the diverse communities of Long Island is a matter of publicity, we can say without hesitation that everything that happened in This train does not in any way reflect our company, its owners, its management team or its employees.”

Osman Kanals, the Latin American activist, had posted a video of the incident on his Twitter account, noting that the two people in the video worked at Toyota and had racially assaulted a woman and her ten-year-old son, Monday, January 10th.

In the video, a young man and a girl appear on one of the seats; However, the young man was angry and addressed someone who did not appear in the video, saying, “Don’t look at me, look in front of you, I will make them arrest you today.”

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