A new complaint of torture against the head of the UAE Interpol upon his arrival in France

A new complaint of “torture” and “atrocities” was filed yesterday, Tuesday in Paris, with the Crimes against Humanity Department of the Anti-Terrorism Prosecution against the Emirati Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, the new head of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), who is believed to be in France, according to a source familiar with the French press.

Yesterday evening, Tuesday, the International Criminal Police Organization indicated that “the allegations against Mr. Raissi fall within the framework of a problem between the parties involved.”

Al-Raisi, who was elected president of Interpol at the end of last November, was the subject of two complaints filed by the Anti-Terrorism Prosecution for lack of jurisdiction, as the person in question is not residing in France and was not present on French soil.

The first complaint was submitted by the “Gulf Center for Human Rights”, a non-governmental organization, on the seventh of last June, in which it said that the opposition Ahmed Mansour is being detained in Abu Dhabi “in difficult conditions that amount to acts of torture.”

This organization filed a complaint again on Tuesday against Raissi, which was reviewed by Agence France-Presse.

And based on tweets published by Raisi, the non-governmental organization indicated that he is currently “on French soil” in Lyon, where the headquarters of Interpol is located, which will make the French judiciary competent to follow up on the complaint.

The non-governmental organization previously ruled out the possibility of him enjoying immunity related to his job because the Emirati general exercises his job in parallel in the Abu Dhabi police, where Ahmed Mansour continues to be detained in conditions that still constitute “torture”, according to the complainants.

Accordingly, according to the complaining NGO, Al-Raisi will be one of the current officials responsible for this torture, which is a reason for excluding him from the diplomatic immunity he enjoys under an agreement concluded in 2008 that governs relations between Interpol and France, where the organization is located.

The organization’s lawyer, William Bourdon, said that “his immediate arrest is a binding duty of France under the international agreements it has signed.”

The other complaint was filed in early October by Rodney Dixon, attorney for two British prosecutors, Matthew Hedges and Ali Issa Ahmed, who reported that month in Lyon about arbitrary arrests or acts of torture in 2018 and 2019.

Al-Raisi’s election came in Istanbul, Turkey, on November 25, despite the protests of human rights defenders and politicians, who considered that his election harms the mission of the organization.

The position of the president is honorary, while the German Secretary-General of the organization, Jürgen Stock, is conducting the business.

In a statement sent to Agence France-Presse on Tuesday, Interpol reminded that “the Secretary-General is responsible for the day-to-day affairs” of Interpol, while the “President occupies an unpaid and part-time position” and his main task is to chair the General Assembly and 3 sessions of the Executive Committee per year.

The organization explained that its president “carries full-time official duties in his country and is not a permanent resident in Lyon”, considering that the dispute covered by the complaint is a “problem between the concerned parties.”

It also affirmed that its members, “including the President, benefit from privileges and immunities in the exercise of their functions and the fulfillment of their functions in the Organization, but not for their personal affairs.”

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