At a summit in Moscow, Putin meets the Iranian president and affirms support for joint relations

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi met Wednesday evening in Moscow, amid Tehran’s assertion that this visit would mark a “turning point” in relations between the two countries.

Putin said that he and his Iranian counterpart are concerned about the situation in Afghanistan, adding that he is in constant contact with Raisi on international issues.

Putin pointed to the interaction between the two countries regarding what he described as the fight against terrorism in Syria, and that the support of Moscow and Tehran has become a decisive factor that helped Syria overcome terrorist threats on its territory.

The Russian President praised the development of relations between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union and the ongoing work to establish a free trade zone.

Relationships and efforts

The Iranian president expressed his country’s aspiration for stable and comprehensive relations with Russia, noting that great efforts have been made to remove the sanctions imposed on Iran, and that the threat of sanctions will not stop his country’s development.

Raisi indicated that his country is seeking to increase the volume of trade relations with Russia, and is making great efforts in this context, and stated that his country has handed over to Russia a project for strategic cooperation for a period of 20 years.

Raisi stressed the importance of the experience of cooperation between Iran and Russia in Syria, pointing to the possibility of benefiting from this experience in other areas.

Raisi suggested that Moscow and Tehran may cooperate in the face of US unilateral steps at the international level, adding, “We in the Islamic Republic of Iran do not have any restrictions on developing and expanding relations with friendly Russia; these relations will not be short-term and tactical, but rather will be permanent and strategic.

Visit and talks

This is the first time since 2017, that an Iranian president has visited Russia, which has political, economic and military ties with Tehran.

The visit comes at a time when Iran and major powers – including Russia – are holding talks to revive the agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program.

Before leaving Tehran, the Iranian president said that Iranian-Russian cooperation is effective in ensuring the security of the region and in strengthening trade and economic relations between them.

Raisi made his statements from Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, where a farewell ceremony was held for him, according to what was shown by the official channel.

And Iranian official media confirmed around noon today, Wednesday, capital time (08:30 UTC) that the president had arrived in Moscow.

“The current level of cooperation is not satisfactory for the two countries, and it must be raised to a higher level. I hope this trip will be an effective step towards ensuring the common interests between the two countries, which are influential on the regional and international arenas,” the Iranian president added.

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