Britain’s most influential lawyer… Why did Christine Lee scare the political center in London?

Kristen Lee has established strong relationships with British politicians of various persuasions, ranging from former British Prime Minister David Cameron to former Prime Minister Theresa May, former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, and other mayors of major cities and prominent figures in British decision-making.

London – British political circles were shaken by the impact of an unprecedented warning issued by the intelligence about a British woman of Chinese origin, who succeeded in linking strong relations with the English elite, but – according to the MI5 intelligence office – she works for the benefit of the Chinese government, not for the purpose of espionage But to influence the British decision in favor of Beijing.

British intelligence agents warned British parliamentarians and politicians to avoid dealing with the British lawyer of Chinese origin, Christine Lee, after they reached the conclusion that the woman, who has strong influence in London, works with the Chinese Communist Party, and is trying to influence the British political decision.

The story of this woman is one of the stories that may turn into a police movie, due to the ability of “Christine Lee” to elude the most powerful intelligence in the world, and silently made her way into the heart of British decision-making centers, without anyone noticing her for many years.

The headquarters of the British intelligence service “MI5” (MI5) in London, which warned against dealing with Christine Lee (Reuters)

Who is Kristen Lee?

Immediately after the British intelligence memo about the activities of “Christine Lee” for the benefit of the Chinese Communist Party, the British media began to dig into the history of this woman, who for a few weeks remained known as a prominent lawyer in the capital of fog.

The British media relied on the book “The Invisible Hands”, which dealt with Chinese efforts to influence the British political decision, and highlighted the story of “Christine Lee”.

According to the book, the lawyer came to Northern Ireland in 1970, at the age of 12, before studying law, and then becoming the owner of one of the largest law firms in Britain. The book “Invisible Hands” found that 58-year-old Ms. Li is the legal advisor to the Chinese Embassy in London.

And she contributed to the founding of the “China All-Party Group”, a group of parliamentarians from all British parties, dedicated to the Chinese issue. With this group, it succeeded in establishing relations with dozens of parliamentarians, before the group was dissolved in 2021, after 20 years of its establishment.

Christine Lee’s work did not stop in establishing institutions concerned with Sino-British rapprochement. She established 16 bodies working in this field, perhaps the most important of which was the “British-Chinese Project” in 2006, which aimed to promote the Chinese community in Britain.

Kristen Lee founded 16 foundations concerned with Sino-British rapprochement (social networking sites)

Most Influential Lawyer

In 2019, the cameras’ lenses captured a greeting, peace and short talk between Christine Lee and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in a picture that shows the extent of this woman’s influence and her attainment of the highest positions in Chinese decision-making.

The situation in Britain was no different. In the same year, Christine Lee received an award of recognition and distinction from former Prime Minister Theresa May, who described her at the time as “the most influential Chinese lawyer in Britain,” and May expressed her hope that Lee would succeed in her mission to integrate the Chinese community into the country. British political landscape.

Theresa May.. the new ThatcherTheresa May described Christine Lee as the most influential Chinese lawyer in Britain (Al Jazeera)

money lure

Christine Lee has built strong relationships with British politicians of all walks of life, ranging from former British Prime Minister David Cameron, to former Prime Minister Theresa May, former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, and other mayors of major cities and prominent figures in British politics.

However, the lawyer focused her financial effort on specific MPs, especially from the Labor Party, such as Parliamentarian “Barry Gardiner”, whose law firm benefited from donations amounting to approximately 700 thousand euros during the period between 2015 and 2020, and during this period this representative was one of the strongest advocates of building A nuclear plant financed in part by China.

The same deputy revealed that he had previously contacted British security about “Christine Lee”, but they advised him not to show any apprehension or suspicion of her and to deal normally.

The Chinese lawyer also transferred donations of $ 7,000 to Edward Duffy, a prominent leader in the Liberal Democratic Party.

The war of spies

According to the British Guardian newspaper, the security services’ handling of Chinese moves in London completely changed in 2020, when the military intelligence “MI6” announced that China “has become the number one priority” in the eyes of its services.

This decision reflects, according to a number of security experts, growing fears in London of the expansion of the network of “agents” who work for the Chinese government in Britain.

The Chinese embassy reacted to the warning issued by British intelligence to deny any attempt to influence British parliamentarians, stressing that China “does not need to buy influence on parliamentarians,” and expressed its rejection of “the attempt to insult and tarnish the reputation of the British of Chinese origin.”

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