Coalition raids continue in Sana’a and Marib…the US envoy in the region to revive the political process in Yemen

The US State Department announced that the US envoy to Yemen, Timothy Lenderking, has started a tour that includes the Gulf states and Britain to revive the political process in Yemen, while the Saudi-Emirati coalition is launching continuous air strikes in Marib and Sana’a.

A Foreign Ministry statement stated that Lenderking’s tour aims to revitalize peace efforts in coordination with the United Nations, senior officials in the Gulf states and international partners.

The statement added that Lenderking intends to pressure the parties to stop the military escalation and participate in a comprehensive peace process, and will also focus on the urgent need to end the humanitarian and economic crises afflicting Yemenis.

On the other hand, the Saudi-Emirati coalition announced the implementation of 19 targeting operations against the Houthis in the Marib Governorate during the past 24 hours.

During a press conference for the Incidents Assessment Team in Yemen, the coalition announced the killing of 90 of what it described as terrorists and the destruction of 11 Houthi military vehicles during the operations.

Houthi media also reported that the coalition warplanes launched a number of raids on the capital, Sanaa, and that its aircraft were still flying.

In Shabwa governorate, southeast of Yemen, Yemeni sources said that UAE-backed forces entered the “Murra” camp, west of Ataq, the administrative center of the governorate.

The sources added that the new governor of Shabwa, Awad al-Awlaki, issued orders to the army forces stationed in the “Murra” camp to hand it over to the so-called Shabwa Defense Forces, which is the new name for the forces that were called the Shabwa elite, which was formed and supported by the UAE.

The army forces had regained control of Camp Marra from the Shabwa Elite Forces in August 2019 while the UAE-backed forces were trying to take control of Shabwa governorate.

Intense raids on Sanaa

Last night, the coalition continued for the second day of its intensive raids on sites in Sana’a, which it said targeted Houthi camps.

For its part, Houthi media said that the coalition launched 14 air strikes on separate areas in the capital, Sanaa.

Al-Masirah channel account said that the raids were carried out by Emirati planes, and targeted the Al-Rawda neighborhood, the Air Academy, and the Military College Street in the Al-Rawda neighborhood, north of Sanaa.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information of the Houthis, Nasr Al-Din Amer, said in a previous interview on Al-Jazeera that what the coalition had targeted were targets that were previously targeted, including civilians.

Amer indicated that if the coalition continues its operations, it will face what he called response and punishment.

On the other hand, Lebanese journalist and political analyst Youssef Diab said – in a previous interview with Al Jazeera – that what he called the Iranian military arms in the region, including the Houthi group, are escalating their operations with the aim of improving negotiation conditions in any settlement that takes place in the next stage.

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