Corona .. a record number in Germany and Israel, and Benkirane is transferred to the hospital

Today, Wednesday, Germany and Israel recorded the highest daily toll since the outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), and while the epidemic continues to spread in the countries of the world, the number of infections reached more than 336 million.

Germany has counted more than 100,000 new cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, according to figures published by the health authorities today, that is, in the first breach of this threshold since the start of the daily census.

Data indicate that the omicron mutant is responsible for more than 70% of new infections in the country.

To counter the spread of the virus, the government restricted entry to bars and restaurants to people who had received the third dose of the vaccine or had offered a negative test for COVID-19, a vaccination certificate, or a cure.

Israel recorded its highest toll today (Getty Images)


For its part, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced – earlier today – the registration of more than 72,000 new infections with the Corona virus, in the highest daily death toll since the outbreak of the epidemic.

And the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” said that the ministry recorded 72,120 new cases of “Corona” yesterday, Tuesday, which brings the total number of infections to date in Israel to 1,792,137.

Israel is witnessing a significant increase in daily infections with corona, and the day before yesterday, Monday, 65 thousand and 259 injuries were recorded, while on Sunday it recorded 62 thousand and 220 injuries, which raises the number of injuries during the last three days to about 200 thousand injuries.

In the United Kingdom, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced today the lifting of the bulk of the restrictions imposed to combat the mutated Omicron of the Corona virus in England and the intention to stop the quarantine of infected people next March.

As of the current January 27, the wearing of the muzzle will not be mandatory by law, and it will not be officially recommended to work remotely, and it will not require the submission of a health certificate to enter discos and some large gatherings, according to what the conservative Prime Minister explained.

Public transport has partially resumed in Xi’an, China (Reuters – Archive)


For its part, Switzerland decided today, Wednesday, that people vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 no longer need to present a test in order to enter the country.

In China, public transport has partially resumed in Xi’an, about a month after the start of a strict closure in this Chinese city of 13 million people, and a resurgence of the epidemic was recorded, as announced by the authorities.

For the first time in several weeks, no new local infection with COVID-19 was recorded today in this former imperial capital.

In the Arab world, Corona virus infections in Algeria recorded a big jump, after the Ministry of Health announced today the registration of 1,359 new cases during the last 24 hours, an increase of 549 cases over the previous day’s toll, bringing the total infections to 228,918 infections.

Benkirane seems comfortable in his new life, a year after he was relieved of the task of forming the second Islamist governmentBenkirane was infected with the Corona virus last week (Al-Jazeera)


In neighboring Morocco, former Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane was transferred today to the military hospital in the capital, Rabat, after contracting the Corona virus, according to a close source and local media.

Farid Titi, the driver and personal assistant to Benkirane, said – through his Facebook account – that Benkirane is in good health, and he was taken to the hospital for regular tests related to his infection with the Corona virus.

And last Wednesday, Benkirane was infected with the Corona virus, despite receiving 3 doses of the anti-virus vaccine, according to local media.

The ministry stated in a statement that 8 new deaths were recorded, bringing the total deaths to 6,443 deaths.

The latest figures – according to the Worldometer website, which specializes in monitoring all statistics on the spread of the virus in countries of the world – indicate that the number of infections reached 336 million and 28 thousand and 920 injuries, while the number of deaths reached 5 million and 576 thousand. and 231 deaths.

The World Health Organization estimates that the total number of deaths may be 2-3 times higher, taking into account the excess number of epidemic-related deaths.

Covid-19 Testing Sites as Omicron variant threat growsMore than 877,000 injuries in the United States (Anatolia)


The United States leads the number of infected people, with a total of 877,240.

Today, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote in a speech to the country’s mayors that the mutated Omicron will weigh on US economic growth for months to come, but it will not derail it.

She added that the “rescue plan” adopted in March 2021 “acted like a vaccine for the American economy” by limiting the damage linked to the virus.

In the Philippines, the authorities have opened a zoo as a temporary vaccination center against the Corona virus, in the hope that elephants and eagles can attract young and hesitant adults about the idea of ​​​​receiving the vaccine.

The Manila Zoo provides the vaccine for young people from 12 to 17 and the elderly, and allows those who receive it to enjoy watching the pens of elephants, peacocks and other animals.

The Philippines has given the vaccine in full in both doses to nearly half of its population so far, but many areas outside the capital are largely behind, which hampers efforts to prevent new outbreaks.

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