Danish adtech measures performance in Meta Walled Gardens

Audience Project’s platform, Audience Report, promises advertisers a cross-media and cross-platform view of their campaigns’ performance. Specifically, the measurement of Meta campaigns is a “double-blinded and real third-party measurement that is supported by Meta’s panel API,” according to the company. It should show advertisers the reach and contact frequency of their campaign in different target groups, illustrate the target group share and make the incremental reach of Facebook or Instagram visible in comparison to other media such as YouTube. In addition to the measurement technology, this is made possible by a classic panel.

With this approach, toy companies, for example, are able to see how many people with children they are reaching with their campaign. Otherwise, the reach in the group of women aged 30 to 49 years is usually considered as the approximation target group. Sedat Polat, Head of Audience Project Germany, explains: “The Audience Project measurement platform profiles campaigns based on our panel. For our panellists, we have information about the classic socios of age and gender, but also about income, household size, education, employment and whether or not they have children.”

The Meta panel API is where the reconciliation between the Audience Project panel and the Meta users takes place. “It ensures data protection-friendly one-to-one matching between panellists and users,” says Polat. “The Panel API is the same API that an advertiser can use to create their own audience on Meta based on their own first-party data.”

The collaboration between Audience Project and Meta dates back to 2015. As a global measurement partner, the Danes initially provide figures for Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the home market. So meta-campaigns need to be running in these countries to get insights via Audience Report, with more already on the agenda. An advertiser only needs their meta ad account ID for access.

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