How do you make a good impression when you get a new job?.. learn from jazz musicians

How can you make a good first impression in your new job?

Publishing the “Fast Company” website article It was written by Professor Art Markman, Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas, in which he provided tips and advice for those coming to new jobs, especially making a good first impression.

He mentioned 3 ways that can be followed to give others a good impression of you, and Markman referred to the so-called halo effect, which is when a person has a positive impression of someone, he evaluates his actions in a positive way and vice versa.

Markman stresses the importance of the person preparing well for the first day at work even before arriving at the workplace, and to be a good listener, and to be in the service of others and give them favor whenever the opportunity arises; Because that would earn him their loyalty, especially if they were one of his subordinates.

During the initial weeks of starting a new job, it can be difficult for others to assess what you are doing when you first start out. It may take some time for new projects to reach a point where they will produce results.

However, there is evidence that when you have a favorable impression of a person, you rate their actions more favorably than when you have a non-favorable impression. This is called the “halo effect”.

In order to build your own aura, there are a few things you can do to start your business:

Start before you start

You should prepare for your first day at work even before you get to work. If you are new to the company, it is a must read about it.

Ask your new boss for some information if it is not available. Do your best to figure out your next responsibilities, because you won’t be ready to get the actual work done before you start, because you won’t know exactly what you are being asked to do.

But the goal is to be well-acquainted with the terms you may encounter at work, and to have a set of questions that you would like to have answered when you start working.

Once you start a new business, the information will come to you quickly and densely, so the better prepared you are in advance, the easier it will be for you to deal with the flow of information.

This preparation will give you the opportunity to appear confident on your first day. It will also enable you to display better questions.

In addition, you are more likely to be able to remember more of what is being said to you. All of those will give that first impression that you are really in control.

listen as much as possible

When you first come to a new job, tempted to make a big splash right away, you may feel compelled to contribute early and often to meetings as a way to make your presence felt.

This is the advice he gives to jazz musicians. Jazz musicians often have to play with new groups. And when you sit down with a new group, you should listen more than you play. The reason is that you can’t hope to align yourself with the style of music other musicians play if you don’t listen to what they play.

Likewise, when you first join an organization, listen to people, learn about their interests. How they talk about the work they do, and what they express as priorities. The more you understand what everyone thinks is important; You are better at devoting your efforts to the main tasks.

be of service

In his inaugural address, John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

This tendency to find avenues of service applies to any organization you are a part of. No matter what role you play, your primary focus should be on how to help the people around you achieve their goals.

People remember those who helped them in the past. In addition, most people want to give back to those who have served them in their community.

Beginning your tenure with a new team by providing assistance enhances a positive first impression, and also creates a sense of support from the people you can count on when you need help in the future.

People who lead others for the first time are often preoccupied with emerging as strong leaders.

They may want to give orders to others in order to demonstrate that they can lead the team. However, a leader who finds a way to help his team achieve its goals can develop the loyalty of the people who report to it, which ultimately pays off.

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