IT specialist automates his own job – and nobody notices

IT specialists are in great demand on the job market and can therefore demand high salaries. However, the tasks that arise do not always correspond to the salary class. A US Reddit user also had this experience. He reports on his experiences under the pseudonym Throwaway59724. On the platform he writes in detail about his experiences at a medium-sized law firm. There he was hired to store documents and evidence in a digital cloud. He was the only one who received admin access, while all other employees only had read rights and worked in a local network. Or to put it another way: the task was to organize the digital documents and transfer them to the cloud. The problem, however, was that this was the IT specialist’s only job, but by no means filled an eight-hour day. The employee therefore spent a lot of time just pretending to work.

In the home office, the human employee stopped working

But then the corona pandemic came and the law firm sent its employees to work from home. He set up a remote workstation for this. Up to this point, the story is not particularly unusual. But at the same time, the IT specialist also programmed a script that took over his actual work. Since then, the task of the human specialist has been completely taken over by software. The script automatically searches for new files on the local drives, saves them in the cloud and creates the required hash values. For the other employees of the law firm, it therefore looks as if the IT specialist would simply do his work from his home office. In fact, only the script works. The funny thing is that this has not been noticed for more than a year. So the IT specialist was paid $90,000 for doing nothing. However, the IT specialist has now become a social media phenomenon. On Reddit the story was provided with countless amused comments and numerous blogs have taken up the topic.

Digitization is causing upheavals in the labor market

However, there are some very serious issues behind it. Digitization is becoming increasingly important in almost all sectors. For many small and medium-sized companies, it is even an existential question. However, it must also be implemented with the necessary expertise. Otherwise it causes unnecessarily high costs and offers fewer advantages than would be possible. Anyone who simply hires IT experts for a lot of money and then does not assign them adequate tasks will fall behind in the competition. But the story is also interesting from the point of view of the changing labor market. Because it has been known for some time that increasing automation will cost more and more classic jobs. However, the focus is mostly on comparatively simple jobs and jobs. But obviously there are also IT specialists who perform tasks that can be fully automated. But they don’t have to be afraid of the future: the specialists are still extremely popular with companies.

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